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Purchasing Mortgage Leads

4 Ways a Mortgage Lead Management System Can Be Your Best Lead Generation Partner

Jul 12, 2021

Breaking the Grip on Purchasing Mortgage Leads

Mortgage marketing professionals have become heavily reliant on purchasing leads from a traditional mortgage lead source. This has been going on for years now inside the mortgage lead generation space. 

Purchasing leads continues to be a costly endeavor for many in the mortgage business, and a large percentage of mortgage marketers still struggle when it comes to finding lead sources that generate qualified leads for your loan officers every month.


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So how do you break the cycle and go beyond purchasing costly leads from the same traditional sources? Mortgage professionals should look to their existing database in a mortgage lead management system to uncover existing lead opportunities beyond conventional lead generation, especially as we head into a purchase market and loan officers look to maintain lead volume. 

A powerful mortgage CRM like Surefire can help you generate new mortgage leads that can be far less expensive and even higher converting since the first-party data sitting inside your CRM is truly marketing gold. 

Going beyond the practice of purchasing expensive third-party leads from outside lead aggregators, here are some ways a mortgage lead management system can help generate new leads right inside your database.

Zero-Party Data and Micro-Experiences

Zero-party data and micro-experiences are the newest marketing buzzwords going around right now. Used together, they create an effective inbound lead generation strategy for marketers. According to Destination CRM, zero-party data is personal data that customers intentionally and proactively share with companies. Many times, with the intent of moving deeper in the funnel. 

Surefire is a mortgage lead management system helping companies capture zero-party data from multiple sources and create tailored micro-experiences through native tools such as custom landing pages, surveys, and out-of-box capabilities that drive inbound leads right into the database. 

According to Erin Jaeger at, “Managing micro-experiences is a substantial part of a truly omnichannel, holistic marketing view. It’s about combining data and content from multiple sources in order to deliver truly consistent experiences across all of these digital channels.”

Segmentation and Custom Audiences

Another way of creating new lead opportunities is through segmenting the data already inside your mortgage lead management system. Database segmentation allows you to categorize your contact list and create custom audience groups. 

A mortgage-specific CRM like Surefire helps lenders activate personas and new audience groups through lead tagging and other native data segmentation tools. Lenders can use their mortgage lead management system to send each persona custom content and tailored messaging to help generate awareness and inbound lead flow. 

Database Monitoring and Opportunity Alerts

The best mortgage CRM continually monitors your database and sends opportunity notifications to help you identify new leads and retarget existing contacts.

Surefire offers the following opportunity alerts that can easily be set up and then automatically trigger a new lead based on database monitoring: 

  • Rates – You’ll be alerted when current rates drop below the threshold you’ve set.
  • Just Listed – Your CRM will monitor properties in your database against online real estate listings and let you know if your contact is selling a property they financed with you.
  • Credit Pull – Your CRM will notify you if a contact’s credit has been pulled for a mortgage transaction.

In the case of the rate alerts, you can reach out to your client to offer great news about a potential refinance opportunity. In the other cases, you can reach out to offer your services and recapture the client. 

Do you already work with MonitorBase or Sales Boomerang? Surefire does, and we’ve seen a substantial increase in loan volume through these integrations thanks to credit pull alerts.

Surefire customer Presidential Mortgage noted that the Just Listed alerts have specifically helped recapture business from clients who didn’t realize their company could help with out-of-state moves.

Since you are marketing to your internal database, the alerts from your mortgage lead management system are known to help increase loan margins by bringing down overall cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and cost-per-lead (CPL) numbers. 

Social Media Integration and Lookalike Audience Targeting

Lookalike audiences are groups of people with similar interests to the audience you are targeting inside your database. 

For example, if you are running paid ads through Facebook, you can create a lookalike audience inside FB based on existing personas inside your CRM. You can extend this practice beyond Facebook, creating lookalike audience sets inside other social media and advertising platforms, including demand-side platforms (DSPs) like the Trade Desk, Xandr, etc. 

Surefire provides customers with the latest social media integrations and makes it easy for users to pre-schedule posts and put the inbound lead process on autopilot. 

Surefire removes the complexity in mortgage marketing and helps mortgage professionals find new leads, capture and nurture each lead, and create borrowers for life. To learn more about Surefire and how we are helping companies win business regardless of market condition, contact us today at to learn more.


Rick Webster

Vice President, Client Strategy

A seasoned digital marketing executive and mortgage veteran, Rick has spent over 20 years leading successful teams and guiding hundreds of marketers at large global brands, mortgage companies, and advertising agencies. With a background in marketing automation and financial technology, Rick helps marketing teams drive results with the latest strategies.

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