Surefire Professional Services

What is Your Superpower?

Is your superpower closing loans? Are your days full and your nights even fuller rushing documents to your processor or expertly answering borrower questions? Wish there was a little more of you to go around?

How Do Professional Services Work at Top of Mind?

We’re so glad you asked. Our team will book a short call with you to discuss your needs. We’ll build a pricing structure reflecting those needs, dispensing on the work you need to do. And before you even have to ask–we work hard to maximize your investment in our services so you get tons of value.

Surefire Professional Services

A Few Articles about Surefire Professional Services in Action

What Services are Available?

Top of Mind has the experts that can perform the common tasks that can give you time back every single day. From fully administrating your marketing, acting as your CMO, to performing occasional helpful tasks (think data clean-up or consolidating borrower lists), our team can lend a helping hand. Or two. Or ten. You get the picture.

  • Data Management
  • Applying workflow automation (leads, in-process, post close)
  • Extension of your marketing team (deploying campaigns)
  • Brand management in Surefire
  • Fill in marketing, administration, and LOA temporary staffing issues (staffing shortage, leaves of absence)
  • Training new marketing hires from basic to intermediate, to advanced
  • Entry training for new Loan Officers and Brokers
Surefire Professional Services

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