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The Trending Mind: Make It Personal

May 25, 2021

Summer is coming and changes are afoot!

As we slowly pull our masks down, there are still some things loan officers need to do from a distance. In fact, it’s extremely important to not suffocate customers with a communication overload. We need to ensure they use you in the next five years when it’s time for them to refinance their home. 

That being said, timely contact with past customers is paramount to earning clients for life. The fact is that loan officers have always struggled with the balancing act of too much versus not enough communication. Did you know that retention rates drop to 24% in the first two years, and to a whopping 15% by year five?

Brace yourself for another stat: 74% of lenders use a third-party lead management or CRM tool. So, where’s the disconnect?

Too many CRMs desert in-house gift personalization and deployment because there are external vendors to compete with. At Top of Mind, we saw this as an opportunity and built a gift-giving program directly in Surefire, the Retention Center.

As our own Maggie Reames and Rick Webster recently discussed during their Facebook Live, an intuitive retention strategy can help drive repeatable business and keep pipelines healthy in a purchase market.

We have the branding, customer contact information, and the ability to identify and create the list of recipients automatically. Even better is that we have a concierge dedicated to training loan officers on how to use this feature. No other third-party solution has all of these advantages.

Whether you’re a customer or looking for a reliable and easy-to-use gift-giving service to earn lifelong clients, let’s talk. 

Send us an email at, or request a demo. We’d love to hear from you!


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