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The Trending Mind: The People Behind the Product

May 13, 2021

As a mortgage lender, you should be particular when choosing the best mortgage CRM software for your unique needs. The core of every product is its people, and you should always consider who will be working with you once you’ve signed the contract. 

How long have they been in the mortgage industry?

Do they understand your business’s individual needs? 

Are they highly respected in the mortgage world?

Have they been recognized for their accomplishments?

Surefire users don’t have to look hard for a team of trailblazers on their side. In April, Chief Product Officer David Orsini was named a 2021 Tech All-Star by the Mortgage Bankers Association. As a founding member of Top of Mind, David is the original architect of Surefire. He cemented Surefire as the first CRM to integrate with mortgage loan origination systems, enabling automation of in-process communication between loan officers and borrowers. David also led Surefire as the first CRM to automate essential mortgage compliance capabilities. Thanks to his dedication and leadership, more mortgage lenders use Surefire than any other solution

Also, in April, we introduced a newer yet equally valuable player to the Top of Mind Team. VP of Client Strategy Rick Webster joins us as a client-facing liaison, leveraging best practices, out-of-the-box automation and digital marketing expertise to ensure Surefire users achieve their goals. His career achievements span the mortgage, marketing, and technology industries, and he has rightfully earned his status as a thought leader in the mortgage marketing space.

So, be picky when you’re choosing the best mortgage CRM. The quality of the people behind the product is just as important as the quality of the product itself. Behind Surefire is a highly qualified team of people ready to help you earn clients for life. Are you ready to win back the workday? Send us an email at, or request a demo

We look forward to your future success!

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