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How Many Times Have You Looked at Your Phone Today?

If you’re like most Americans, your average is nearly 100 times per day. Text messaging has become the cornerstone of direct phone communication and borrowers expect you to respond–and FAST.

Close More Deals with Surefire CRM Power Messaging

You know speed matters. But, did you know 78% of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first? That’s almost 4 of 5 leads, by simply responding first!

Surefire’s Power Messaging sets you up to win by instantly connecting you to your prospects. Zero downtime. Total focus.

Power Messaging

Why add text messaging to your mortgage marketing strategy?

Short message service (SMS) text messaging gives mortgage professionals the ability to reach homebuyers where they already are — on their phones. According to a report from the Pew Research Center, 97% of U.S. adults owned a cell phone in 2021.

SMS text messaging has been widely available for around two decades, and is one of the most popular communication channels, particularly for millennial and Gen Z consumers. Lenders that want to engage this fast-growing homebuyer market should consider adopting a text message mortgage marketing strategy.

What features should lenders look for in a text message marketing solution?

You do not have to be a technology expert to incorporate text messaging into your mortgage marketing plan. Modern tools can make automating targeted text message outreach a set-it-and-forget-it experience.

One of the most useful text message marketing solutions a mortgage professional can have in their arsenal is an SMS text message autoresponder. A comprehensive mortgage customer relationship management (CRM) solution can enable users to establish workflows that automatically send a text message when a lead takes an action, such as completing an online mortgage inquiry form. Then, the CRM can instantly engage the prospect with the appropriate response and educational materials based on terms in their inquiry. This strategy provides potential borrowers with the prompt attention they expect from their future lender and increases a lender’s chances of winning new business by being the first to reach out.

Automation makes text message mortgage marketing a stress-free process, but it is also vital to include eye-catching, relevant content if you want your messages to be effective at engaging borrowers.

Using videos in text message outreach is an excellent way for loan officers to build strong relationships with their borrowers. When using video in a text messaging platform, lenders should employ a system that allows the video to play within the message. Sending a link through a third-party service that redirects recipients to an external video sharing website can lose your customer’s attention, trust and ultimately their business.

Compliance considerations for text message mortgage marketing

Of course, there are compliance considerations necessary when engaging in SMS text messaging with consumers. A powerful mortgage marketing engine and CRM like Surefire by Black Knight can assist in managing text message compliance factors to help prevent LOs from texting someone who should not be contacted.

Power Messaging Features

  • Compliance ready in the face of TCPA and CCPA
  • Intelligent Opt-In
  • Instantly reply to any lead from any source
  • Your marketing dollars go further by being the first to respond
  • Offer 24/7 service with your Surefire dedicated text line
  • Effortlessly keep everyone on the same page with in-process updates delivered via text.
  • Elevate your Client for Life workflows with human touch text messages
Add the Human Touch to Texting with Power Messaging!

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