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Benefits of Using MonitorBase and Surefire Together

The partnership between MonitorBase and Surefire CRM will allow you to automate credit monitoring for your database of prospects within Surefire CRM and Monitorbase. Quickly be alerted within Surefire CRM when a prospect applies for a mortgage with another lender.  

The connection between Surefire CRM  and MonitorBase will allow for a seamless sync of contacts between the two platforms.   The user can choose to automatically enable credit monitoring for Inquiry Alerts, Migration Alerts, and/or Predictive Marketing.  When you get alerts in MonitorBase, you will also see the alert in your Surefire CRM account.

Key Features

  • Automated sync of contacts between the two platforms
  • Easily and automate credit monitoring for your database in Surefire CRM
  • Seamless API connection between Surefire from MonitorBase for automated campaign triggers in SureFire

MonitorBase constantly scans your database of clients, contacts, leads, realtor databases, past clients or any contact you have a name and address for to identify the people who are in the market or about to be in the market for a home loan. This Monitoring Includes anyone who just applied for a mortgage, improved their credit, and or meets one of the in the market predictors like a high interest rate, or qualification for debt consolidation.  We constantly monitor hundreds of data points to predict when a shopper is back in market.

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