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The Trending Mind: Experience Matters

Nov 24, 2020

Is your marketing team experimenting with your borrowers? Is every loan officer marketing your brand in their own way? Is all that automation you have in place actually effective?

When it’s time to revamp your mortgage marketing you bring in the best. You go to the latest system. And you know what can happen, despite the best intentions?

  • You pay massive upfront implementation fees.
  • Your message and reach don’t stand out from the crowd.
  • And you may be alienating the very borrowers you planned to delight.

Experience matters in mortgage marketing.

Sure we’ve got the numbers. 450 years of mortgage experience under our roof. There are tens of thousands of Surefire users. We’ve been building mortgage industry solutions for 17+ years. 

But the real experience is in implementing structured and proven best practices. We call them Blueprints for Success and there’s a couple of dozen you’re going to need. Your best-assembled team may have brought up a handful of lenders in their careers; we added hundreds this year alone.

Blueprints for Success are your key to getting value out of your mortgage marketing investment.

They get you to value faster, often right out of the box.

They’re your trusted and proven advisor to avoid costly mistakes.

They speed up implementation from months to weeks.

They’re predictable, proven and all the experimentation is done.

Leave your borrowers to be delighted and your loan officers to close more loans while saving up to $100,000 on implementation costs.

Interested in learning more? Request a demo today.

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