Creating Your Marketing Pipeline

Ditch the spreadsheet: Mortgage pipeline management doesn’t need to be complex

Mortgage Marketing Pipeline

Is your chosen method for managing your pipeline increasing your ROI every year or is it falling flat?  No matter the system you use, at its core it should ensure that you are closing loans no matter the market cycle. 

Managing the mortgage pipeline can be daunting as a loan officer. With so many prospects in different stages, it can be hard to perform the necessary steps and simultaneously educate the borrower to keep them on track. To make matters worse, loan officers are often looking for mortgage pipeline management software but instead settle for a mortgage pipeline spreadsheet! This can be understandable as the format is familiar and can be easily sorted.

This Article Covers:

  • Spreadsheets vs CRM
  • Educate and Engage Your Clients.

What is the Advantage of Using a CRM for Mortgage Professionals?


Spreadsheets are familiar, but not very efficient. They do not integrate to the loan officer’s Loan Origination System (LOS). A modern mortgage CRM like Surefire takes that step and can therefore track key milestones automatically and provide mortgage marketing materials that help the borrower complete the loan process. The real value to mortgage pipeline management to the originator is a higher rate of closed loans as well as educating the borrower and creating a higher likelihood of repeat and referral business. This is achievable with the built in award winning creative content from Surefire CRM.

How Do You Make Lasting Impressions with Potential Home Buyers?

Look like a star and keep your client informed in an entertaining and memorable manner with in-process dynamic video campaigns. Clients receive a dynamic and customized video email as they move through the loan process. Use your own branding or add your agent partners (both buying and selling agents). Completely automate when you synchronize with your LOS software. Your mortgage pipeline will be served from application to close. And if borrowers do not qualify for a loan today, the same technology can educate them through a credit repair process, adding them back to the mortgage pipeline once complete.

Final Thoughts

Mortgage loan pipeline management does not need to be complex, however. Surefire has a tool that will feel familiar, functions simply, but is much more powerful than a spreadsheet. The power comes from a live connection with the LOS. The ease of use comes from My Views, a time-saving mortgage pipeline software tool for mortgage pipeline management. It navigates like a spreadsheet, but saves loan officers from exporting, double data entry, missed milestones, and more.


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