Single Property Sites and Flyers

Generate Mortgage Leads and Fuel Real Estate Referral Partnerships

Single Property Sites and Flyers

Single property sites and flyers are two forms of real estate marketing collateral that lenders and real estate professionals can use to drive referrals and streamline the house-hunting and homebuying processes. By highlighting the most pertinent details about a single property in an easy-to-access place, these marketing strategies offer transparency to homebuyers that helps lead to a quicker sale – something home sellers, real estate agents and lenders all want. Without the right tools, real estate agents and mortgage marketers may take several hours, days or even weeks to develop collateral from start to finish. With the right mortgage CRM software, though, single property websites and flyers can be generated automatically.

This Article Covers:

  • What single property sites are and how they generate new mortgage leads and real estate partner referrals
  • Best practices for building eye-catching, informative single property sites and educational flyers
  • How single property sites and flyers enhance mortgage and real estate marketing

What are single property sites?

Single property websites, also called single listing sites, are digital landing pages that feature photos and specifications of an individual property on the market. Unlike multiple listing services (MLS) that offer many available properties, single property sites feature just one listing, increasing focus on the property and reducing the chance a buyer will click away.

What should an effective single property site look like?

Single property sites are most effective when they are detailed, easy to navigate and feature eye-catching, interactive components like loan comparisons and mortgage calculators. Although these sites should contain as much relevant information about a home as possible, they should also be succinct. Otherwise, viewers may lose interest and click away from the site.

The best single listing sites are also mobile-responsive, giving prospects the option to browse on their mobile device or desktop computer. What’s more, single property sites should offer an enhanced user experience by featuring eye-catching content that both attracts and educates viewers.

Here are some examples of information and features you might find on a well-curated single property site:

  • Listing information: square footage, number of beds/baths, year built
  • Neighborhood information: schools, recent home sales nearby, taxes, cost of living
  • Geographical map of the listing’s location
  • Real estate agent and loan officer contact information and company branding
  • Interactive loan comparisons

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Benefits of single property sites

Single property sites are an excellent digital mortgage marketing strategy that mortgage professionals can use to increase their speed to lead, keep their purchase portfolios full and maintain long-lasting, mutually beneficial referral relationships with real estate partners.

Open House Flyers and Educational Flyers

When a potential homebuyer first starts their homebuying journey, they typically begin by working with a real estate agent and not with a loan originator. A strong referral relationship with a real estate agent through co-branded single listing sites can bring the lender into the conversation earlier, giving originators a head start on marketing their mortgage products and services.

Most single property websites prominently feature the headshots and contact information of the listing’s seller agent, a selling point for real estate professionals who need to market themselves to prospective buyers. Some may also include the agent’s preferred lender’s contact information in case viewers have questions about financing the property.

Efficiency through automation

Once someone viewing a single property website decides they are interested in scheduling a tour or getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan, they already have all the information necessary to reach out to the appropriate representative right away. What’s more, if a contact form is built into the web page, high-intent leads can send a request with the click of a button.

A CRM solution with powerful marketing automation can streamline the process even further. Once a single property website viewer becomes a lead by contacting the real estate representative, their contact information is sent directly to both the real estate agent’s and the loan officer’s databases. From there, workflows in the lender’s CRM system can kick off the appropriate mortgage marketing campaigns, eliminating the need for the real estate agent to share a list of open house attendees. This efficiency is a win-win for all parties involved in the sale.

What are open house flyers?

Like single property sites, open house flyers feature images and information for a property and its professional representatives, such as a real estate agent and a partnering mortgage loan officer. While real estate agents have historically used this type of print marketing to generate awareness for an open house, it can be helpful in many instances beyond one single event.

Real estate agents and loan originators can distribute flyers digitally and through print marketing. Since they can share flyers through just about any distribution channel, it is important to have flyer templates that work with any distribution format – print, mobile and online.

What to look for in an open house flyer

Like a single property site, open house flyers should include the listing agent and loan officer’s branding, contact details and required licensing information. They will also feature at least one image of the home, property details and some information about the neighborhood.

Of course, you don’t want a prospect to simply read the flyer, and then throw it away or put it in a drawer and forget to follow up later. Flyers are most effective when they include a call to action that encourages interested readers to take the next step, such as attending an open house, checking out the property’s online listing or contacting a loan officer to get pre-approved for a loan.

The best open house flyers will display several different loan and down payment options so prospects know there are many paths to financing the home – each with unique pros and cons. However, when giving this information, you must also be sure to include all the APRs and disclosures required for mortgage compliance.

Single property sites and open house flyers by Surefire CRM

Surefire CRM allows mortgage professionals and their real estate partners to grow their business by moving beyond the typical single listing site or open house flyer. Featuring award-winning content from Surefire Creative, eye-catching flyer templates are built into Surefire CRM single property sites. That means the real estate agent, the loan officer and any consumers viewing the site can download, share and print an open house flyer for that listing.

Access to MLS listings allows Surefire users and their real estate partners to import data and images straight from a property listing into an independent, co-branded website for that property. Single property sites and flyers will be generated using the most accurate and up-to-date listing data available.

Auto generated using the same listing information as the single property site, Surefire CRM open house flyers also feature real estate agent and loan officer branding, as well as four customizable loan scenarios for borrowers to compare.

For example, when creating a flyer for a listing in a city with a large veteran population like Virginia Beach or San Diego, veterans would hope to see a VA loan comparison. Alternatively, when advertising a property in a rural area, lenders may want to show how a USDA loan would compare to conventional loan offerings. With Surefire CRM’s auto-generated open house flyers, users can adjust within the loan comparison section in mere seconds.

Manually building this information into a flyer would be incredibly time-consuming for loan officers, as they would have to update the flyer to curate loan comparisons for different audiences and make changes as interest rates fluctuate.

Open House Intelligence from Surefire CRM

In a sellers’ market, home sellers generally ask their agent to present only offers from people who have applied for a loan and have been pre-qualified. By automatically reaching out to open house visitors who checked in with their contact information via the single property website, Open House Intelligence helps lenders compress the time it takes to get prospects to the mortgage qualification stage.

Open House Intelligence also eliminates obstacles associated with paper sign-in sheets, such as illegible handwriting, time-consuming and error-prone data entry and lost sign-in sheets. Data from Open House Intelligence transfers directly into Surefire CRM, so marketing campaigns can be triggered instantly once a prospect’s contact information is captured.

Surefire CRM single property sites and Optimal Blue

Integrating Surefire CRM with Optimal Blue’s robust product and pricing engine (PPE) enables Surefire CRM users to retrieve real-time rates and loan programs directly from Optimal Blue for use on single listing websites, open house flyers and more. Surefire CRM’s plug-and-play integration with Optimal Blue lets loan officers generate informative mortgage marketing assets with minimal effort. Activating the integration only takes a few clicks, so lenders can begin enjoying its benefits almost instantly.

Thanks to a seamless API connection, the two systems interact flawlessly. At the same time, a state-of-the-art user interface supports the custom configuration of Optimal Blue pricing scenarios within the Surefire CRM dashboard. Optimal Blue uses real, up-to-date data to populate accurate interest rate information in Surefire’s loan comparisons. By incorporating lender- and property-specific data, Optimal Blue ensures the interest rates shown on a single property site or flyer are as accurate as possible.

No matter the type of loan products lenders want to advertise in a Surefire CRM single listing site or flyer, integrating with Optimal Blue will provide pricing information that is helpful and precise. Plus, by doing the hard work of researching loan pricing scenarios on a prospects’ behalf, Surefire CRM and Optimal Blue let homebuyers see which loan products they can afford and what their monthly payment could look like, bringing them one step closer to making a buying decision.

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Final thoughts

Single property websites and flyers focus homebuyers’ attention on an individual listing and, in turn, drive mutual business for the specific real estate agent and loan originator serving that property.

Differentiate yourself from other lenders and add value to real estate partners by giving them the gift of Surefire CRM single property sites with built-in open house flyers. Not only will your real estate partner thank you – your purchase pipeline will too.


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