Mortgage Marketing Engine


Mortgage Marketing Engine

Surefire: Top Rated Mortgage Marketing Engine

Surefire CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine helps thousands of mortgage professionals win new business, drive repeat business, and earn the right to referral business. With intuitive, set-it-and-forget-it workflows and award-winning content, mortgage professionals can effortlessly maintain and deepen their connections with borrowers, recruits, members, brokers, and real estate agents all through one powerful platform. 

Mortgage Marketing Engine

Close More Loans

Surefire CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine lays the groundwork for automating communications throughout the mortgage process. Surefire users gain access to workflows designed for the mortgage industry on day one so that lenders can focus on what they do best:  closing more loans.

Surefire distributes leads, nurtures them to application, educates and informs through the application and funding process, and provides omni-channel outreach post close to capture repeat business.

Earn Repeat Business

For mortgage professionals, earning lifelong clients means earning greater profits. The key to cultivating lifelong clients is keeping in touch, and with Surefire’s milestone tracking, you’ll be the first to reach your customers with personalized, relevant content.

The perfect recipe for automation comes out of the box with Surefire’s post close Client for Life campaign. Everything from closing gifts to multimedia outreach (including text and video) are automated for years, putting your outreach on autopilot that you can trust.

Blueprints for Success

Get On the Fast Track to Profitability

Our goal is to ensure your CRM is customized not just to your preferences but also your profitability. By cutting down on costly learning curves, our Blueprints for Success help you improve ROI by deriving more value from Surefire sooner and without hiring a six-figure developer to achieve your mission.

Reduce Risk

Starting from scratch with a massive CRM and Marketing Automation project has major risks. They include delayed go-live, ineffective campaigns, unproven content, and expensive A/B testing that sends half the tested leads down the negative path. Eliminate all of this risk with the proven Blueprints for Success from Surefire CRM. You have the full power to edit and change all aspects of the system, but start with a package you know works out of the gate.

Nurture and Convert Prospects

With built-in email, text, phone and video messaging, Surefire’s Blueprints for Success creates revenue growth and cost savings by converting more prospects into applicants, more applications into closed loans and more past customers into repeat customers. We know you can’t realize these benefits if your software’s sitting on the sidelines. Our Blueprints for Success will show you how to quickly turn reluctant team members into enthusiastic adopters of Surefire so you can maximize our system’s effectiveness and your ROI.

Brand Aware Content Library

Tools For Every Lender’s Needs

Your Brand: Scaled Instantly

Surefire automatically takes the framework of your brand identity and applies it dynamically to our marketing library. That means you can seamlessly include Surefire content with your own in-house content and LO-generated content and project a cohesive and impressive brand story to the market. 

Scale is the key. All aspects of the Surefire allow both centralized marketing control and LO/AE control of their messaging using a series of organizational and individual permissions. Surefire also allows different rules for your Distributed Retail, Consumer Direct, and Wholesale divisions in the same system. It has never been easier to manage your image while empowering your staff to develop critical relationships with borrowers than with Surefire. 

Massive Mortgage Content Library

Out of the box, on the first day, you get immediate access to 1,000+ compliance-ready content pieces with the expertise to guide you in your initial selections through our Blueprints for Success. With Surefire, your brand is backed with a multi-million dollar marketing investment every year.

Your branding, outreach, engagement and education tools never get stale with Surefire. Our team of in-house experts constantly refresh your content library with original mailers and social messaging to timely content based on market news, Surefire fills your library with new award-winning content every single month.

Compete with the National Brands

Surefire has been designed from the ground up to let lenders of any size compete with the national brands. Watch as your brand is applied to exciting interactive content, your web site immediately offers lead converting calculators and forms, and your borrowers are delighted and engaged enough to remember to call you first. Earn that repeat business with Surefire.

Surefire Features

Marketing and Content

  • Centralized Marketing and LO-led marketing supported
  • Award winning creative library 1,000+ pieces
  • Omni-channel Marketing Automation
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Dynamic and In-Process Video
  • Interactive Calculators
  • On-Demand Print Services
  • Closing Gifts
  • Flyers

Sales and Loan Officer Focus

  • Opportunity Alerts
  • Outbound Calling with Power Calls
  • Single Property Sites
  • Open House Intelligence
  • No-Contact QR codes for Open Houses
  • Referral Partner Workflows and Portal
  • Pulse Reports delivered automatically
  • LO Custom Views and Pipeline
  • Automatic Task Management

Consumer Direct

  • Lead Routing (Round Robin, Shark Tank)
  • Outbound Calling through Power Calls
  • Centralized marketing and brand management
  • Automated lead nurture, in-process communications, and post-close campaigns for DTC

Wholesale Lending

  • Full support for AEs B2B communications
  • Company contact types to model Brokers
  • Easy rate sheet distribution
  • 1:1 instant send emails


  • Content Approval Manager
  • Configurable Roles and Permissions
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Multi-level corporate structure including DBAs
  • Deduplication (progressive)
  • Feature manager and LO Pay options

Tech Stack


  • Full content compliance management system
  • RESPA, TCPA, CCPA ready
  • Audit ready reporting
  • Audit assistance services

Common Questions

Does Surefire have video capability?

Yes. Surefire’s Power Video platform allows mortgage lenders to record and send personalized videos through Surefire CRM.

Can Surefire pinpoint borrowers ready to be contacted?

Yes. Rate alerts and integrations with different POS, LOS, PPE, and API vendors Surefire can trigger communications with your prospective borrowers when they are ready to take the next step on their borrower journey.

Can Surefire send Text Messages?

Surefire is capable of sending automated and tailored text messages that add a human touch to LO outreach. These messages can include links, videos, and full compliance disclaimers as well as automatic opt-in confirmation.

Does Surefire work with other CRM systems like Salesforce?

In the mortgage industry, Surefire provides a best in class full stack marketing solution. When your organization already has a CRM, but needs to add capability for marketing automation and a content library, Surefire is here to help! Use Surefire’s open APIs or built in connectors, such as Surefire’s Salesforce Lightning connector. Some Salesforce users already have a marketing automation tool such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud so they access Surefire’s content through the Surefire Creative product. Lenders using other CRMs such as Total Expert and Jungo can also add Surefire Creative content to their existing marketing automation.

Does Surefire Integrate with my LOS / POS / Pricing Engine?

The answer is yes! We believe the data you store in our system is yours to access. We provide a full set of open APIs for integration to the systems you want to connect to Surefire CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine. Surefire has a series of native integrations for most of the popular platforms including not just LOS, POS, and Pricing Engines, but other sales enablement and sales acceleration tools as well. Check out our integration and partnership page for more details.

How do I learn more about Surefire Pricing?

Surefire CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine is priced based on several factors, but primarily on the size of the group that will be using the software. Surefire customers include Individual Brokers all the way up to organization well over 1,000 users. This positions Surefire uniquely as both a growth engine for smaller lenders to scale and also a strong recruiting tool for larger lenders looking to bring in the best talent no matter what size organization they come from. Please ask for a demo today!

What are Single Property Websites?

Sometimes referred to as Single Listing Sites, Single Property Websites are dedicates pages featuring images and specifications of a single active property from the multiple listing service (MLS). The benefit of a Single Property Website is that the listing is featured individually, increasing focus on the property and reducing the chance a buyer will browse away. With the addition of a Mortgage Product Pricing Engine (PPE) these sites can also feature dynamic financing cost estimates from a lender. When the listing agent and loan officer work together to generate a Single Property Website, it is said to be co-branded. These sites are an important complement to Real Estate Website Templates that normally do not include the ability to dynamically list focused properties with lender co-branding.

Does Surefire support Single Property Websites?

Single Property Websites or Single Property Sites (SPS) are built directly into Surefire. Loan officers or administrators can generate a Single Property Website or single property flyer for properties listed in the MLS. With access to multiple data sources to fuel Single Property Websites, Surefire provides the most reliable and complete SPS experience in the industry. Pricing Engine Pricing Engine (PPE) integrations allow loan officer level pricing to be shared dynamically on the form. Surefire Single Property Sites also feature Open House Intelligence, allowing them to transform on a schedule and become lead generation forms for property showings.

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