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Opportunity Notifications

A Guide to Mortgage Opportunity Notifications

May 05, 2021

Utilizing a high functioning mortgage CRM to its fullest can be a far more efficient and cost-effective way of sourcing mortgage opportunity notification type leads through mortgage marketing automation. The fact that many of these leads will come from your own database in the form of returning clients and warm referrals means fewer dollars spent on commercial lead sourcing.

The Benefit of Repeat Business


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We should all know that it’s far less time-consuming to secure business from a past client than from a new prospect. The internet has made it possible for mortgage marketing to reach far and wide along with a targeted focus. However, typical respondents are not often interested in the nuances that may very well apply to them. Rather, “what’s your best rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage?”

The sales cycle to nurture a rate shopper can be frustrating, especially when the market is turbulent. It’s not always easy to make a prospect understand that a quote from your competition yesterday morning is not the same as your pricing today when the market has sold off in between.

Having earned the trust of a borrower previously puts you past all of these common hurdles and affords you the time to discuss what really matters, and that is where clients for life are earned.

Putting Mortgage Opportunity Notifications and Automation to Work for You

There’s nothing much better than to have your marketing engine working hard for you while you play, while you sleep, and of course, while you are invested in doing what you do best – taking applications and closing loans.

Most mortgage loan officers are good at many things. In fact, we need to be. Yet, it’s simply better to concentrate on our core responsibilities. Marketing is key, though it’s best when it’s turnkey. Set-and-forget marketing workflows can be your new best friend and referral partner if you simply take a moment with each new application or closing to add every borrower and deal data into your database. In fact, in many cases, integrating your LOS with your mortgage CRM can make this automatic.

Having an automated lead generation system in place means your database is triggering opportunity notifications to both you and your past clients and prospects. Further honed with rules-based logic, your prospects can continue to receive targeted and even dynamically generated marketing specific to their opportunities right up until they make their application.

Refinance Alerts Aren’t the Only Goals

New deals are what you’re after, so it’s not just about a past client in your database refinancing – it’s as much if not more important to broaden your base. A warm referral from a past client can be exponentially more beneficial than a single refinance as you’re bringing a new client and referral partner into your fold. The more past happy clients you have, the more referrals you may receive for refinances and purchases alike. As those new borrowers are added to the system, the cycle goes on and on as your database evolves into a career-making referral machine that works even when you’re not.

Other Mortgage Opportunity Notification Advantages

There’s plenty of other ways to make your mortgage opportunity notifications pay off handsomely. Don’t just think about what your mortgage CRM system can do for you; think of the cross-sell opportunities that can be of benefit to your referral and business networks. Particularly for banks and credit unions, you may have other financial products, from credit and debit cards to equity lines of credit and even consumer loans for auto or personal needs. Having built mortgage lending trust with your clients, why not lend a hand with their other consumer needs as well?

For your insurance and tax professional partners, their services can and should be discussed at annual review time. Always remember that the best business-building relationships are two-way streets, and referrals from financial planners and other professionals can usually involve high-quality prospects for you. Making your partners a part of annual reviews with borrowers can help ensure their loan, and the rest of their financial house is in order. Well-advised clients with all-around financial well-being will always be your dream applicants the next time they need your mortgage lending services.

Staying Top of Mind

Aside from setting specific triggers to launch your opportunity notifications, post-closing client for life campaigns can keep you top of mind with your clients. As a consumer direct lender, just staying in touch with the right messaging will help assure that your clients always know when and how to refer you and your services.

Between targeting opportunity mining and good follow-up campaigns, your mortgage CRM can help assure your pipelines are full in almost any market. The larger your database becomes, the more valuable and reliable its benefits. That’s true not just for you and your company, but just as well for your clients.

Our business ensures our clients don’t have to bother tracking mortgage rates and the opportunity to save or trade out to a new home. Your mortgage opportunity notifications driven by a first-class mortgage CRM like Surefire from Top of Mind Networks can do the heavy lifting for you. Award-winning content keeps your clients and partners in the know and their fingers on the pulse when needed. Ready to ramp up your business? Just click to arrange a Surefire demo today.

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