Enhance Your Creative Content Game with Mortgage Memes

Mortgage Memes are a great way to entertain your customers and partners so long as you follow some simple rules

Mortgage Memes

Funny mortgage memes are skyrocketing in popularity as the mortgage industry heats up. Since their inception as an effective and enjoyable conversation method and marketing trend, memes remain at the top spot of shareable, viral content. But what is a meme, and why are they an effective means of communication for mortgage lenders? This article covers the reasons why memes are effective and provides examples of memes that mortgage professionals can and should incorporate into their mortgage marketing strategy.

This Article Covers:

  • What is a meme, and how does it gain such a far reach?
  • The untapped potential for memes in mortgage marketing
  • Rules to follow when using mortgage memes

What is a meme?

A meme is an image, video, piece of text, etc., that a creator edits with a tagline matching their desired message. At its core, a meme is meant to be humorous and relatable. Popular memes pick up speed fairly quickly, as internet users can share their favorite memes to their social networks with the click of a button. 

Memes are made using any imagery that helps to convey a culturally-relevant idea. The most successful use of memes includes imagery that is instantly identifiable to an existing culture or subculture. The more the audience connects to the image, the easier a meme gains traction when sent through different marketing channels, including social media, email, and text.  

Several industries are discovering the untapped potential for businesses to use memes to distribute branded content, since they offer a more informal way to introduce their brand identity and company culture to new audiences.

Why should mortgage professionals use memes?

Meme marketing is an essential aspect of modern social engagement and internet marketing; therefore, all mortgage lending professionals need to consider their use in future marketing efforts. Memes are a powerful tool for mortgage lenders to: 

  • Educate borrowers in a format that is both fun and memorable.
  • Introduce their brand through a demonstration of personality.
  • Increase audience engagement for social media and email marketing campaigns.
  • Generate additional leads through client referrals.

Remember, most internet users spend over two hours per day on their social media accounts scrolling through timelines. Funny Mortgage memes can elicit a positive response from potential borrowers by speaking directly to their culture. Of course not everybody finds mortgage memes funny, so be careful to keep it professional to avoid turning off buyers from an offensive meme.

What are the types of memes that loan officers can use?

Clear to Close Memes

In the mortgage industry, “clear to close” memes hold a special place for loan officers, mortgage brokers, and even the borrowers that are up on the lingo. When you are clear to close, this is a moment of celebration and represents on of the only meme-worthy social media share opportunities for a lender. When you get the keys, the photo-op is often with the agent in front of the physical home, so take advantage of this milestone to encourage engagement.

Clear to close memes are all about positivity. They convey the exuberance of finishing a loan application process and having the underwriter approve the documentation, and finally trigger the title company to start the process of generating the closing disclosure. Using a meme during a clear to close update can offer a marketing push without the risk of looking unprofessional.

Educational Memes

The loan origination process is complicated, and just like a mnemonic, a meme can help both mortgage professionals and borrowers remember critical requirements of the loan origination process. Whether a friendly reminder sent to a borrower for loan documentation or assisting a loan officer’s assistant in remembering the definition of a mortgage-specific term, educational memes are an informal tool for instruction.

How should I use mortgage memes?

Like any mortgage social media marketing plan, the basics of successfully using mortgage memes can be summarized as things you should always do and those you should never do.  


  • Cater to your audience. Know your audience’s humor before you post. It is easy to miss the mark and even easier to offend someone, so make sure you are setting up the right jokes for your audience. This also means being specific when deciding on what is timely, such as refinance memes when rates are dropping.   
  • Leave your mark. Mortgage-specific memes need branding. Adding your brand to your memes ensures that your audience knows which lender posted the meme that made them chuckle. It also guarantees that when people share your meme, you are given credit for your work. 
  • Be witty. Memes that are silly and fun are great for sharing with your personal network, but mortgage memes need to relate to mortgage-specific topics in the form of witty commentary.  
  • Post sparingly. Too many mortgage memes will make a loan officer or the company they work for look unprofessional.  
  • Study the experts. Online culture can shift in a matter of minutes, and what seemed funny last week can be offensive the next. Before you post, complete a quick search for what is popular and resonates with the current culture. For example mortgage memes covering rising rates lose their punch when mortgage rates decline. 
  • Stay compliant. Like any other social post, your mortgage memes have to remain in compliance with all federal and state regulations. These regulations also apply to your comments section.  


  • Show your frustration. Whether you’re frustrated because one of your borrowers is causing unnecessary delays in the approval process or  a realtor follows up a bit too frequently, your mortgage memes should remain positive at all times. Remember, you are trying to attract real estate professionals and borrowers, not your fellow mortgage lenders. 
  • Intimidate borrowers. The loan origination process is complicated, but the top loan originators make it look easy. Never post a mortgage meme that makes the process seem difficult to borrowers.  
  • Post anything offensive. Positive memes can gain traction with your audience, but an offensive meme will spread much faster and quickly damage your reputation as a mortgage lender.  

Final Thoughts

As with any mortgage marketing trend, funny mortgage memes offer mortgage brokers, loan officers, credit unions, banks and consumer direct lenders a method to create a broader audience in a way that feels natural to prospective home buyers. You will also appeal to different audiences with new home memes, mortgage memes, refinance memes, and of course loan officer memes or real estate memes (for your colleagues and referral partners to get a laugh as well!)

Be aware that advertising on social media sites and emails looks different for the mortgage industry than it does for other industries. For example, Facebook requires mortgage lenders to create a “Special Ad Audience” based on how the targets behave online, but not on factors like ZIP code or age.

Using a mortgage CRM created specifically for the mortgage industry to design and schedule engagement with your prospective borrowers can comply. Surefire, the best mortgage CRM, allows companies to require approval for social media posts and also tracks posts for auditing purposes, allowing leaders in mortgage lending to remain top of mind with their audience. And if memes turn out not to be a focus of your marketing strategy, compare Surefire’s professional content library to other marketing platforms (such as BNTouch) to see why it is the best choice for mortgage brokers and loan officers.

Are you ready? Time to go out and generate some memes yourself!


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