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Sales Boomerang

Benefits of Using Sales Boomerang and Surefire Together

The connection will send Surefire creative at specific frequencies and in multiple methods (email, text, power call) when Sales Boomerang trigger alerts occur in real time for all past clients and prospects. 

Also, when a new lead is added to SurefireCRM, it automatically appears in Sales Boomerang to begin tracking which will enable the system to determine any opportunities that come up during the customer lifecycle. 

Enhancing the borrower experience is the ultimate goal between these two systems and can be put into action immediately out of the box.

Key Features

This connection delivers timely and relevant alerts to both borrower and LO (and assistants if desired) when a contact has an update to Credit Increases, Home Equity, Loan Rate, Life Events, a Mortgage Inquiry and a New Listing.

Surefire’s new Power Calls feature improves the speed and ease with which loan officers reach out to borrowers, enabling them to close more deals.

Sales Boomerang

Sales Boomerang’s alerts reduce the cost per acquisition of a loan; adds double digit lift in loan volume; increases customer retention by reducing the loss of a client to the competition/early payoffs; enhances the customer experience by providing more than a loan pre and/or post close; and SB brings back ‘dead deals’ – those that are not the lowest hanging fruit.

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