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Make a connection that’s both personal and powerful with Power Video from Surefire.

Are you ready to put your best face forward?

You can’t always talk to your customers face-to-face, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a connection that’s both personal and powerful—introducing Power Video from Surefire.

Win more deals by making a fast and personal connection with your leads, clients, agents and more with Surefire CRM Power Video.

Harness the power of Surefire with communication that is easy and effective. Without the need for any extra software, quickly shoot videos right in Surefire or upload your own. Videos can be sent as text messages or emails – deployed immediately, or scheduled for later. Videos are a perfect way to connect with new prospects, give status updates along the way, and even celebrate at closing.

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The only video solution with Mortgage Compliance DNA

What makes Power Video by Surefire stand out above the rest?

Perks & Benefits

  • Easy-to-use video tool right inside Surefire CRM
  • No lengthy integration process; get started quickly
  • Reduces administrative burden
  • Eliminates unnecessary additional platforms
  • Makes a modern-technology-first brand impression on partners and recruits
  • Direct video messages from LOs to borrowers
  • Pre-record videos to be sent at milestones or holidays automatically


  • Fast and easy; just shoot and send
  • Upload pre-recorded videos for repeat use
  • Videos are hosted by Surefire; no 3rd party video service needed
  • Send by Surefire Power Message or by email
  • Send now or schedule for later
  • Send by trigger (such as new lead)

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Why Video for Mortgage Marketing?

Trusted Advisor

Mortgage Advisors have a personal profession. They look at people’s financials every day. They know if their clients are single or divorced, pay child support, have had a bankruptcy, had a tax lien, or lost everything in the crash of ’08.

Borrowers want to know they are working with a ‘good guy’ and getting a good deal. They want to work with an originator they can trust. We’re in the trust business. Power Video helps originators accelerate their trust factor by making a personal connection. As a mortgage advisor, there isn’t anything more important than being trusted.

Improve Communication

A mortgage originator’s job is to communicate. They communicate with their team, their borrower, the various players in the transaction, title, agents, etc. – And clear, consistent communication creates trust. Communications are typically by email and by text message. And while better than getting no communication at all, a lot can be lost in translation: the originator’s tone of voice, their facial expressions, and even their body language.

How is Surefire Power Video Different?

You’ve chosen a mortgage CRM. Just like CRM’s, other non-mortgage video solutions are on the market, and they focus on making individual users marketing experts.  Tools like Bomb Bomb are excellent when just one or two LOs or LOAs are using video on their own. Success with video in the mortgage industry requires a video solution with Mortgage Marketing DNA.

With non-mortgage specific tools video adoption is low, often below 10%. Even platform licenses cannot turn your average loan officer into a self promotion machine. It takes centralized mortgage marketing to make it happen. And Power Video from Surefire embraces the lender.

Power Video doesn’t attempt to turn Loan Officers into marketing directors. Power Video empowers Loan Officers to snap their video quickly and easily freeing your sales team to move onto the next most important task.

With top down control your marketing team will prompt the Mortgage Advisor to shoot a video. The prompt will go right to the Mortgage Advisor’s phone where they can focus on shooting their video. With included scripts Power video even takes the guesswork out and the mortgage compliance in.

For the Marketing Director Power Video scales in a way that other tools can’t. Working out of disparate, varying, individual video accounts are not designed for organizations of scale. With Power Video Marketing Directors can monitor all videos: from a focused group to a team of 2500, there is no limit to how widely video can be adopted at your organization.

mortgage video marketing

Interested in learning more about Power Video by Surefire?

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