Mortgage Lead Generation

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Attracting Leads

Loan origination is highly competitive. Just getting to the point of being considered requires loan officers to become experts in mortgage lead generation. While buying leads is certainly possible, these are typically higher in the buying funnel and do not represent direct interest connecting the loan officer to the borrower. To make that connection, loan officers need to take specific steps to attract prospects and use their mortgage CRM for mortgage lead management.

Focus on Referrals

Referral partners are critical to connecting with potential borrowers. This relationship is bidirectional because real estate agents need their borrowers to qualify for financing in order to complete the transaction. Many lenders compete for the referrals that partners can provide, so loan officers seek to show extra value in key ways.

Agent Pages

First, dedicated mortgage landing pages on the lender’s web site should be designed for use by agents. These can be lead entry forms where agents refer their buyers to pre-qualify for a loan, or specialized Single Property Sites (SPS) advertising a listing with co-branding between the agent and the lender. Lead generation for mortgage brokers is accelerated when these sites are backed by a modern mortgage CRM like Surefire CRM.

Automated Responses

Of course, direct attention from borrowers is critical for mortgage lead generation as well. With many borrowers trying to communicate through email and phone, it can be nearly impossible to track them all. Mortgage lead tracking software such as Surefire CRM lets you capture the leads, respond quickly and automatically, and close more loans as a result. Having lead capture forms is critical, but even more important is the fast auto-responder from the mortgage CRM that supports the borrower even when the loan officer is busy at a closing or not available.

Mobile Power-Up

A mortgage CRM like Surefire can do even more for lead capture. Loan officers can benefit from mobile solutions that make it easy to meet people in regular life or in networking events and quickly enter the leads into their mortgage lead tracking software through their mobile devices. Again, these leads can go directly into workflows and receive immediate follow up. Integrations are key as well, providing external lead sources access to your database and adding another dimension to your mortgage lead generation.

Scale Up from One LO

Production managers and sales leaders in lending organizations can use Surefire to cut down on busywork and focus on selling. Managers can easily set up a distribution group in Surefire through the use of Round Robin. Establish rules for lead distribution such as user limits and assignment weightings and let Round Robin do the rest. It integrates with third-party apps like Zillow, Bankrate, and Lending Tree.

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Jul 30, 2020

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