Mortgage Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Mortgage Lenders

78% of salespeople who use mortgage social media marketing out-perform their peers.

Social Media is Required

Mortgage Social Media Marketing

Modern mortgage CRM systems must have integrated methods to deliver social media marketing for mortgage lenders. Facebook mortgage ads, and other mortgage social media marketing you will find on LinkedIn, provides key visibility and outreach for loan officers looking to engage with their community. These methods enable key benefits such as testimonials, word of mouth marketing, market information, and more to the family and friends of the loan officer.

Platforms are Different

Social platforms have different audiences, so providing timely and engaging content to them can be a challenge for loan officers. Surefire CRM empowers the loan officer with a massive library of mortgage social media content ranging from images to interactives and videos. Facebook mortgage marketing requires a more conversational and casual style, while mortgage broker social media marketing on a platform like LinkedIn demands a more professional and informative delivery. Surefire can feed both platforms with different and appropriate content automatically.

Tone and Content Matter

Facebook marketing for mortgage brokers requires more than just content. Loan originators should listen to their borrowers and address key issues. Timely content, such as from major market movements or global and national events that affect mortgages and refinances can be effectively covered through social media posts, elevating the loan officer to a consulting role to the community they serve. Social media marketing for mortgage brokers requires the right mix of this consultative and conversational content to remain authentic, to engage, and to attract new business while earning the right to repeat and referral business from clients.

Success Strategy

Surefire CRM is a purpose-built mortgage CRM tool, and as a result, Facebook marketing for mortgage brokers is a key element of workflow automation, content availability, and integration. Social media marketing for mortgage loan officers is an indispensable strategy, but often without the guidance of an experienced team, it can be difficult to implement. Top of Mind Networks guides LOs through the integration and can ensure those first few critical posts execute smoothly so loan officers get immediate value out of the system. This drives adoption in enterprise environments and trust in the mortgage CRM.

Mortgage Marketing

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