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Create a Mortgage Landing Page that Converts More Leads

Landing pages are an essential function of any marketing campaign.  They allow you to capture leads while automating your responses to create an automated communication channel for loan officers, prospective homebuyers, and even your referral partners.  

While you can be granular with the data that you look to capture with your landing pages, we find that it is a best practice to ask for only the essential information you need to qualify your leads.  You can always gain the information you need through continued communication with the prospective buyer.     

This Article Covers:

  • Capturing new leads. 
  • Best practices for triggering responses to those leads.  
  • Co-branding forms with your referral partners. 

What is does Lead Capture mean?

Lead capturing is the process of using interconnected web pages (Landing Pages), to acquire new leads.  This process allows loan officers to capture online mortgage marketing leads without buying them directly, which provides prospects closer to the bottom of the sales funnel.

What is a Mortgage Landing Page?

In the world of digital marketing, a landing page is a stand-alone web page used as a method to encourage a contact to complete one specific goal or Call to Action (CTA). 

Unlike most web pages that can have many goals in the hopes of increasing the time spent on the site by the visitor, a landing page focuses the visitor on completing the defined goal as quickly as possible.

What are the advantages of using Mortgage Landing Pages?

Industry-leading mortgage CRMs like Surefire CRM provide everything needed for digital mortgage marketing lead capture. Instead of providing generic forms and creative content, Surefire CRM comes with mortgage landing page templates that do not require any technical configuration. 

When done incorrectly, internet mortgage marketing can be frustrating for loan officers and prospective buyers. When relying on a “contact us” form or a prospect picking up the phone to call, loan officers experience lost leads as emails are misfiled, and calls are not picked up during busy times.

What elements are in an effective Landing Page?

No matter the software used to create them, all landing pages are composed of a critical set of elements. What makes an effective landing page is how you use these elements in new and exciting ways as a mortgage marketing professional.  

1. Headline:

The headline is a short statement introducing your lead to the landing page. 

The secret to creating a compelling headline is to make sure that it uses the same messaging as the previous page or email that brought your lead to the page.  

2.  Hero Image:

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the hero image is the first thousand your lead will experience when on your landing page. The most effective hero images can be video, animation, or graphic that catches the visitor’s attention and holds it.  

3.  Supporting Text:

This copy gives more details about your company, products, or services. The best landing pages use the content sparingly, providing extra info in a short paragraph.  

4.  Lead Capture Form:

The goal of any landing page is that your lead will fill in your form with their information. 

While it is tempting to harvest as much information as possible, sticking to only the essential information will help raise the number of submissions.  

5.  Reinforcing Content:

Reinforcing content can include client testimonials, lists of benefits, additional information on program features, etc. But remember to keep the information short and sweet.  

6.  Footer:

Easy to forget, your landing page’s footer is an essential block of your landing page. It is in your footer that you should host any disclaimers and privacy policies required for compliance.  

7.  Thank You Page:

What happens after your lead adds their information and clicks submit? The thank-you page is the next step on the customer journey helping to guide your potential borrower on becoming a customer so make sure your thank you page gives a clear roadmap.  

How should you respond to leads?

The mortgage landing page backed by a lead capture form connected to your mortgage CRM allows for:

  1. Guaranteed capture of lead data
  2. Immediate response through automated workflows
  3. Multi-channel response through compliant text message solutions

It is important that your response be immediate and contain the contact information for the Loan Officer who will be assigned to the prospective buyer.  Therefore, using the automated functionality of a CRM like Surefire is essential for streamlining your communication process. 

Should I co-brand landing pages with referral partners?

The best digital marketing plan for mortgage companies does not stop with borrowers. Referral partners, such as buyer’s agents and listing agents, are critical sources of leads on your mortgage marketing website and you should always seek new and effective methods to combine your marketing efforts. 

These agents can have a dedicated mortgage landing page on their site backed by your mortgage CRM, allowing them to connect borrowers with loan officers for pre-qualification on the properties they represent. 

Referral partners also benefit from Single Property Sites hosted on the loan officer’s mortgage landing pages because they allow co-marketing of specific properties while serving to qualify borrowers simultaneously. This improves the chances of closing the loan with the current partner but also helps to earn the loan officer the right to the referral from the listing agent in a future transaction. Mortgage website marketing is best when it is a portal to both your borrowers and your partners.


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Common Questions

The process for integrating your landing pages with your email marketing efforts is dependent on the marketing software you use.  Most systems will provide you with the ability to generate a link to the landing page which can be placed in the email text using a hyperlink.

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