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Developing an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy to Help Retail Mortgage Lenders Find, Win and Retain Borrowers

Mar 08, 2021

As technology continues to evolve the marketing landscape and consumer expectations grow, it has become much easier and more important than ever to engage with customers across several touchpoints using an omnichannel marketing approach. These touchpoints, or marketing channels, vary from traditional marketing channels like direct mail and print to the latest digital channels such as text, social, email and video, there are many options for retail mortgage lenders to engage with homebuyers.


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Retail mortgage lenders work directly with borrowers and must create a highly personalized customer experience across marketing channels. Yet, many loan officers are too busy to engage with borrowers across multiple channels and send timely and personalized messaging.

Without a strategic approach in place and marketing automation to help, it can be time-consuming and hard to maintain. Omnichannel marketing and the right mortgage CRM can help retail lenders gain an edge.

Omnichannel Marketing Definition:

In its simplest form, omnichannel is a multichannel sales approach that brings together all available touchpoints to create a unified and positive experience for the borrower. Working alongside multichannel, the ability to reach borrowers across two or more channels, omnichannel marketing is centered around the needs of the individual borrower. The lines can be blurry when talking about both, but the strategies and overall approach tend to be different.

Omnichannel marketing tailors information around the borrower across all channels. Multichannel marketing tends to cast the widest net, sending one-way information centered around the company. In many cases, multichannel isn’t as timely, relevant or personalized compared to an automated omnichannel approach.

Omnichannel Marketing Examples:

Some omnichannel marketing examples related to the mortgage industry include:

  • Prospects and borrowers engaging with lenders across multiple channels.
  • Personalized two-way messaging based on customer journey creating authenticity.
  • Consistent branding displayed across all channels enhancing brand credibility.
  • The ability for prospects to move forward inside the channel most convenient to them.
  • Borrowers receiving tailored communication across text, print, email, phone, video, etc.

Omnichannel Marketing and the Right Mortgage CRM:

Omnichannel marketing works extremely well when it is deployed inside a CRM. A mortgage-centered marketing CRM like Surefire provides the ability to automate, customize and deploy messages across multiple channels to ensure a positive experience for prospects and borrowers.

Workflows can be automated and personalized inside the CRM, providing timely messaging across multiple channels creating strong engagement with homebuyers across the borrower lifecycle. Surefire also provides the integrated reporting necessary to gain invaluable cross-channel insights on borrowers from lead to close.

Utilizing the right CRM gives mortgage professionals the necessary tools to create an omnichannel strategy that is interactive and effective.


Creating an omnichannel marketing approach helps mortgage professionals provide a frictionless and personalized experience for customers across multiple channels. Enabling this environment for borrowers makes it easier for them to create engagement inside the channel that works best for them. Surefire, the best mortgage CRM, creates the foundation and operation for a strong omnichannel approach.

Surefire removes complexity in mortgage marketing and is helping mortgage professionals find, win and create borrowers for life. To learn more about how Surefire helps mortgage companies develop an omnichannel approach, contact us today at


Rick Webster

Vice President, Client Strategy

A seasoned digital marketing executive and mortgage veteran, Rick has spent over 20 years leading successful teams and guiding hundreds of marketers at large global brands, mortgage companies, and advertising agencies. With a background in marketing automation and financial technology, Rick helps marketing teams drive results with the latest strategies.


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