Power Calls

Surefire CRM Power Calls

Got Time for Outbound Calling?

Nobody does. In this market, every minute counts. Get all those dialing and voicemail hours BACK with Power Calls for Surefire CRM . Whether you’re calling prospects, walking applicants through each milestone, or acting as the mortgage consultant for your lifelong clients, Power Calls makes outbound a breeze.

Want to Cut Call Time Down 66%?

Using Power Calls lets you queue and dial a series of related or unrelated borrowers, and leave pre-recorded voicemails while you dial the next number. Make your calls in a block and automatically schedule more calls inside Surefire CRM. Stop spending hours preparing your call list–spend minutes making the calls instead.

Power Calls

A Few Articles on How to Win with Power Calls

Power Calls Features

  • Spin up and call an entire list of people one after another, automatically
  • Leave a pre-recorded voicemail while next call dials, no waiting
  • Integrated with Surefire CRM — auto dial and track your leads
  • Pre-written or customizable scripts — easy to record and drop to voicemail
  • Use your own phone number or use the prospect’s local area code
  • Segment and filter contacts for customized voice messages
Power Calls

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