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9 Unique Mortgage Marketing Campaign Ideas

Jul 30, 2020

There are probably hundreds of mortgage marketing campaign ideas that loan officers and marketing admins can use to generate leads, find prospects and solicit repeat business from existing clients. But which ones are tried, true and effective in almost any market environment?

1. First Time Buyer
Some of us love working with first-time buyers as they tend to be the most appreciative. Of course, that comes along with all the hand-holding that may be necessary. However, if you enjoy teaching others about the home buying process, there’s no better group to target. It’s best to segment this group into those who have already expressed readiness and those who are looking to learn before they’re ready. For the latter, using automated mortgage marketing strategies is easiest, as you can just set a campaign trigger and let your mortgage CRM take it from there. Sharing resources outside of your own content can help build trust too. Sites such as this one from the U.S Government make for good recommendations.

2. Renting vs. Owning
This is really another sub-set of first-time buyers, as most renters have never been owners. Yet, don’t overlook the fact that there are also divorcees, relocated workers, and other prior owners who are just renting temporarily. Renters can be easier to work with sometimes as they don’t have to sell and buy simultaneously.

3. Preparing to Purchase
This can include, but of course is not limited to, first-time buyers. It can be anyone looking to trade up, down or out of their current market. It can include those looking for an investment property or a second home. Hence, this is another topic that is best to create sub-categories for. The more relative your mortgage marketing strategies are to your prospects’ specific intents and needs, the better.

4. Planning for the Perfect Application
What’s better than a perfect mortgage loan application? Sadly, how often does that exist? But the good news is that it can. It’s all a matter of doing exactly what we’re talking about here—deploying effective mortgage marketing materials.

We all know the needs of an app. But few of our prospects do. So, it’s our job, and to everyone’s benefit to tell them. Don’t wait until they say they’re ready, but start long enough before that they can eliminate any pitfalls.

Borrowers will do harmful things. They might ring up too many credit inquiries or new accounts. They’ll accept gift money too early in the process and not document it. They’ll change jobs or go from salary to commission. They might start a new business or will often have their funds-to-close spread amongst various accounts. Educating them early helps them to avoid issues. You can tell them to consolidate funds, document it all, save paystubs and all pages of their statements. This of course makes them easy applicants, and they’ll be happy that their deal sailed through the process far more easily than it would have done otherwise.


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5. Refinancing
At a minimum, having a mortgage marketing plan and campaigns going out regularly to your past clients is a sure way of cultivating repeat business. Presuming you did a good job the first time, past clients now know and trust you. That means you should be their first choice for refinancing and, as well, referring others to you.

Ideally, with a system like Top of Mind Network’s Surefire, you’ve got plenty of content to send. Content goes beyond loan anniversary dates to include birthdays and great tools that’ll let them see at any time what kind of savings they may realize if they refinance.

6. HELOC vs. Cash-Out Refinancing – the Pros and Cons
You want to help your clients make the right decision for themselves. However, they’ll often defer to what’s easy vs. what may save money in the long run. Clear educational tools shared regularly or in steps will help them understand their options. Mortgage marketing after all is not just about selling. It should also be about educating and consulting.

7. Realtor/Referral Partner Approach
Let’s face it, real estate agents are usually on the very front end of property inquiries. Few buyers know the value of starting with the loan officer. They see a property that’s interesting, and they message the agent first. This makes agents a go-to source for mortgage referrals. Assuring you are always cultivating and servicing those relationships is key to any mortgage marketing for a loan officer’s success story.

8. Birthday Greetings
Mortgage marketing materials shouldn’t always be about mortgages. You seek business relationships, but it’s still ok to be friendly and a little outside the box too. How better to do that and to do it every year than with customized birthday greetings sent automatically to each past client and prospect?

9. Post-Close Client for Life
It would be crazy to not service past clients. Just as mentioned in marketing for refinancing business, staying in touch for trading up, out, seconds or warm referrals is key, too.

Selling a new prospect that doesn’t know you is harder than working with a past happy client, and it costs five times as much. Done right, a big enough book of past clients is all you may ever need to sustain a healthy and prosperous business in the future. It’s been done, and if you enjoy working with those whose trust you’ve already earned, then this is arguably the most important place to invest.

For example, Surefire’s client for life campaign sends a lasting, branded closing gift and a steady and valuable stream of messages via text, email and even postal mail. Once you’ve initiated it, it’s hands-off for 5 years at a time. There’s nothing for you to do except to be ready for new business on a regular basis. As far as mortgage marketing strategies and results go, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM has set-it-and-forget-it workflows designed for these marketing campaigns and more. We would love to give you a tour.

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