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11 Great Social Media Marketing Examples for Mortgage Loan Officers

Oct 09, 2020

Like many mortgage loan officers, you understand that social media marketing is important for engaging your clients, attracting new leads, and growing your business. But, sometimes, you just need a good idea for something to post. We’ve compiled some examples to get you started.

Here’s what NOT to do in your social media marketing

Ever heard the saying that something is good for nothing but a bad example? Well, we have a few of those when it comes to social media posts for loan officers. Let’s get those out of the way first.

  1. Posts that insult the intelligence of your borrowers or business partners. We get it. There’s always someone who says or does something that sabotages a deal. A private Zoom meeting is a good place to commiserate. Social media? Not so much.
  2. Messages that are political, controversial or tone-deaf. We’re not even going to list a specific example lest this post becomes political, controversial, or tone-deaf. If you have the slightest inkling that it may be inappropriate, walk away. Ask someone you trust but who doesn’t always agree with your opinions to review anything that might be iffy.
  3. Information that is non-compliant. You probably won’t do this, but we have to say it. Follow the rules. Again, no specific example because you already took the classes.
  4. Social media marketing that makes the loan process look hard. You make the loan process a breeze, right? There’s no need to insert any doubt into a potential client’s mind.

And Here’s Social Media Marketing Examples that will help your Brand Take Off!


Give Surefire a Try!

The best way to find out what we offer is to try it out yourself. We’re confident that you’ll like what you see.

  1. Provide timely industry updates. Show your friends and followers that you know what you’re talking about with industry updates. For example, in 2020, Surefire CRM has provided images and messaging related to mortgage forbearance, low rates, and the housing industry rebound. Social media audiences respond well to live video, too. Hopping on for a quick 30-second update is fast, effective, and a great way to start conversations.
  2. Provide useful tools. Your friends and followers probably receive many messages about interest rates, refinancing, or moving from renting to owning, based on their current circumstances. People hesitate to respond to blatant advertising because they don’t want to get talked into something they don’t want. But if you quietly give them tools to do a little research for themselves, like a refi, qualification, or rent payment vs. mortgage payment calculator, they’ll probably appreciate it.
  3. Share something to make them smile. Remember all of the positives about your job and talk about them. Share images or memes that highlight the fun and celebration that come with a new mortgage. Offer a success story to illustrate your superpowers (respecting your clients’ privacy, of course).
  4. Keep your social media marketing relevant.  Everything you share doesn’t have to be about the mortgage industry or real estate, but you probably shouldn’t be posting about, say, the restaurant industry either. Credit tips and home topics work. If you want to spread your wings a little, share community event news or promote your favorite local charity.
  5. Post consistently. Consider a regular weekly, semi-monthly or monthly post. What about a quick “Monday Markets” video chat with news about rates and the weekend’s buying activity? Many Surefire CRM users share a weekly Markets in a Minute video that shows the previous week’s rate movement and gives quick updates on the housing industry and economic news that impacts rates.
  6. Make your social media marketing fun and interactive. Social media can be stressful. Create a fun distraction with some of your posts. One of Surefire CRM’s most interesting and interactive tools is “Around the Neighborhood.” Share this so your friends and followers can type in any address to learn about schools, the commute, recent sales, renters vs owners, cost of living and more.
  7. Strengthen partner relationships. Have a great closing? Say so, tag the other professionals involved, and thank them for making it work. Some people also tag their clients. Use your discretion, respect privacy, and get permission before posting. If you have a partner who has shared about a successful closing, comment on their post with a congratulations. Use your time online to build others up.

Overwhelmed? Get some social media marketing help!

If all of this seems like too much, take a deep breath. Surefire CRM has a full content library of ideas to share. Sign up for a tour today!

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