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How a Mortgage CRM Helps with Social Media Marketing

Jul 26, 2020

Loan Officers need to be great at a lot of things. Producing award-winning mortgage social media content should not have to be one of them. This is especially true since there are content producing professionals doing it for you, even providing social content as part of a mortgage CRM service helps with social media marketing making it a simple click or two to complete.

You’re busy, and if you’re not, then you need to get busy doing all the things that you are best at. Closing deals is of course the highest value activity, but we all need to put those apps into the pipe, to begin with. These days, a good mortgage social media marketing campaign is certainly more involved than sharing how great you are and asking for the business.

Facebook mortgage ads may be on your mind and are one way to go, but how much luck have you ever really had with regular ads? Most people just skip these by. Posting strong content that leads to interesting discussion and comments will almost always end up including a compliment from someone that you worked with or know. There’s no better ad than a third-party endorsement.


Give Surefire a Try!

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Engagement is what it’s all about. Stir up thought, answer questions, provide tools and resources all designed to help and also to create dialogue.

Social media marketing for mortgage brokers and bankers has been around long enough for everyone to know what’s tantamount to an ad and what is worth reading. Imagery and substance that go the other way, followed by a healthy number of comments, is the stuff that grabs eyeballs and pulls readers in.

The best use of your time is not to worry about or to figure out how to create this type of content, but rather, to invest in a mortgage CRM system that allows you to simply select, click and post.

Equally important to know is that Facebook mortgage marketing, even when it’s done the right way, should never of course be the only way you attempt to solicit new leads. Aside from the other social media platforms, there are the more traditional avenues we all know. Probably the most valuable amongst these is past client referrals. Realtor and attorney referrals can be strong too, but people can be skeptical of their motivations at times. A referral that comes from a trusted friend or business associate with the personal experience of having worked with you makes for the very best kind of warm handoff around. Cultivating referrals by maintaining and marketing to a database filled with happy clients is ultra-important and ultra-easy.

If you could wrap all your mortgage social media marketing needs along with your other tasks for referral partners, current and past clients, wouldn’t that be great? Well these days, you can. There are zero benefits in managing disparate systems. You can easily maintain one platform with all the internal functions and integrations to handle not only your marketing needs but also your entire prospect and client lifecycles and more. If you haven’t looked at mortgage CRMs lately, do it now. Surefire CRM a great place to start.

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