Mortgage Marketing Flyers

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Mortgage Marketing Flyers

Mortgage flyers and other types of direct mail materials are still one of the top methods for engaging with your audience. However, the static, non-interactive mortgage marketing flyers and brochures your parents received in the mail are a thing of the past.  Modern mortgage CRM systems like Surefire take mortgage direct mail marketing to a whole new level.

This Article Covers:

  • The advantages of physical and digital flyers.    
  • Marketing with your referral partner.  
  • Creating a multi-channel and multimedia approach. 

Should I use digital or physical mailers?

Fresh and consistent delivery of engaging content is critical to maintaining repeat and referral relationships with borrowers. That means just the right mix of post-close materials ranging from gifts and mortgage marketing postcards to digital content. These digital materials are now completely downloadable and available on desktop and mobile, serving modern borrowers’ tastes.

What are best practices for mortgage marketing flyers?

Most mortgage marketing professionals find that it is best practice to integrate their marketing flyers with other digital marketing initiatives including downloadable content, scheduling of live calls, or email workflows.

Should my flyers and mailers include information for my referral partner?

Of course, the borrower is not the only consumer of mortgage marketing flyers. Referral partners such as real estate agents receive massive value from co-marketing materials, educational flyers about lending, and other flyers and digital interactives they can use to secure loans for their buyers. With a mortgage CRM like Surefire CRM, loan officers can easily generate custom co-branded presentation books to help them secure the referrals from partners required to fill their lead pipeline.

Final Thoughts

While traditional mortgage marketing flyers are great, other mortgage marketing materials can truly differentiate a loan officer’s brand. With Surefire’s dynamic and interactive online tools, calculators and games loan originators look like high-tech web wizards to their clients. Send dynamic video content to prospects through our automated workflows and in-process milestone rules, reach out directly through a singular email, or choose to embed our content on a personal website. Bring leads in from anywhere on the web through the use of custom forms, surveys, and landing pages. Or take advantage of Surefire’s Zapier integration to sync and send leads directly to your Surefire database. These other mortgage marketing materials elevate the loan officer in the eyes of the borrower beyond the use of flyers.


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