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Benefits of Using MobilityRE and Surefire Together

Mortgage lenders and real estate agents who forge mutually productive relationships deliver a better homebuying experience, which in turn instills consumer loyalty and feeds growth through word-of-mouth and social sharing. Top of Mind’s integration with MobilityRE is among our most exciting, because it gives loan officers the market intelligence they need to seek out highly productive referral relationships — which Surefire CRM then makes easy with built-in solutions for referral partner co-branding.

Surefire provides access to the most extensive property listing coverage of any CRM, allowing lenders to generate Realtor-co-branded websites for individual properties using data and images pulled straight from the listing data. As these Single Property Sites collect leads, SurefireCRM automatically goes to work nurturing those leads with co-branded, multi-channel marketing campaigns.

In today’s mortgage market, everyone is using a mobile device to search for a home. With MobilityRE, Realtors can provide a top-quality, mobile-optimized home search experience in a branded app that insulates borrowers from opportunistic competitors. Mortgage originators can then use data insights from the Mortgage Market Intelligence to identify the most productive agents and bring them into SurefireCRM to start building mutually beneficial relationships. Loan officers who follow this approach are seeing tremendous success and really growing their production volumes.

With MobilityRE’s Mortgage Market Intelligence (MMI), Surefire CRM customers can assess current marketplace productivity and act on competitive intelligence to build the networks that best support their marketing strategies. For instance, lenders can identify which real estate agents are closing the most loans of a given type within a given geographical area. Lenders can even track agent activity in real time, receiving alerts as Realtors post new listings.

MobilityRE first made a name for itself with its white-labeled home search app. Designed for Realtors and lenders to share with their clientele, the app pulls property information directly from MLS databases, ensuring data accuracy for a superior consumer experience. When new listings hit the market that meet the prospective homebuyer’s criteria and credit capacity, MobilityRE automatically alerts Realtors and loan officers so they can proactively schedule home viewings and prepare pre-approval letters.


MobilityRE is a rapidly growing technology company whose all-in-one mobile real estate technology solution™ is used by thousands of real estate professionals at leading U.S. and Canadian brokerages, including Prudential, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, Century 21 and RE/MAX. With MobilityRE, brokers and agents can give homebuyers a branded mobile app that makes it easy to search or view any property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

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