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Benefits of Using Blend and Surefire Together

The partnership between Blend and Surefire CRM unifies systems of record and best-in-class services to deliver seamless experiences for both lenders and their customers.

Surefire and Blend is an enhancement to any LO’s toolkit. LO’s can push data to Blend when they’re ready to send the Blend application link, or have it automatically sent once the specific data is available.

This integration enables lenders to improve marketing ROI by driving traffic to a mortgage application designed for conversion. Blend and Surefire events trigger communication to borrowers and the LO at the best frequency to deliver timely updates, and additional opportunities to promote app-to-funding turn times.

Key Features

  • Bi-directional sync delivers full transparency on the customer lifecycle
  • Capture higher quality applications by guiding the borrower through best-of-breed rule based workflows to help deliver loans that close
  • Streamline processes for all stakeholders including borrowers, loan teams, and real estate agents, all on one platform


Blend helps lenders streamline the customer journey for any banking product from application to close. Its Digital Lending Platform is used by Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, and over 250 other leading financial institutions to acquire more customers, increase productivity, and deepen customer relationships. 

The company enables customers to process more than $3.5 billion in mortgages and consumer loans per day, helping millions of consumers get into homes and gain access to the capital they need to lead better lives.

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Founded in 2012
Located in San Francisco, CA

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