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7 Marketing Strategies to Help Credit Unions Attract New Members and Drive Growth

Mar 29, 2021

It is well known that credit unions provide some of the best rates in the business, including low fees, flexible underwriting standards and great customer service.

Despite high-touch service levels and attractive rates, challenges still exist when it comes to cross selling banking products to mortgage customers. Unlike retail banks with a large marketing engine behind them, many credit unions are finding it harder to capture homebuyer attention while driving consistent product, membership and revenue growth.

Coupled with a powerful mortgage CRM like Surefire, the following marketing strategies can help credit unions drive awareness and growth across the metrics that matter:

Utilizing Video to Promote Differentiation and Borrower Experience


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Testimonials are a very powerful marketing strategy. Video testimonials add an extra level of authenticity for credit unions that gives them the ability to showcase their unique differentiators in the marketplace and highlight a positive borrower experience. They also provide the ability for borrowers to visualize what it would be like doing business with the company.

When current customers share positive experiences through a video testimonial, the message is widely considered impartial, authentic, and many times becomes a decision driver for consumers in the consideration phase.

Showcasing Technology Through Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

An omnichannel presence not only shows borrowers you are willing to engage with them wherever they are most comfortable but it also naturally showcases your technical abilities. For example, when a loan officer engages with borrowers across multiple channels such as text, social, email, print and video, it can help a credit union increase reach and show customers they are offering the latest technology through multiple touchpoints.

Credit Unions Should Post With a Cadence and a Purpose on Social Media

Creating a mortgage social media marketing strategy that is built around purpose can help credit unions drive both awareness and growth. Topics can include product announcements, local branch news, member testimonials, and topics that are focused on providing solutions to common questions and issues.

Posting with a purpose-driven strategy is a solid way to build brand authenticity and show followers the company is community-driven. With any mortgage social media marketing strategy, consistency is the key to building loyal followers and an engaged audience.

Highlighting Mobile With a Banking Anywhere Mindset

Loan officers and borrowers want a mobile experience. Marketing a strong mobile presence gives digital consumers looking for a digital experience a stronger reason to engage with your brand. It also gives loan officers the ability to communicate with borrowers from anywhere.

Highlighting a mobile presence is critical to keeping up with today’s digital-savvy borrowers. It can also be a strong recruiting tool for future loan officers looking to originate whenever and wherever.

Credit Unions Can Create Custom Content to Enhance Personalization

Personalization is key to creating a unique experience for borrowers. Prospects and borrowers almost expect a personalized experience these days. Sending content that is customized around the individual can enhance brand experience and overall satisfaction.

Providing custom mortgage marketing content and personalized messaging to borrowers is easier than ever with the top mortgage CRM. Compliant flyers, videos and postcards can all be customized and automatically sent from the platform, driving engagement and personalization.

Enabling Custom Landing Pages for Branches

Creating custom mortgage landing pages for local branches can be a great strategy for capturing leads and driving inbound foot traffic. Messaging should be tailored to the local level, promoting a community-driven approach.

Corporate marketing can measure individual landing page performance and share the results back with each branch. With any landing page strategy, it is important to create two or more pages in order to A/B test and optimize appropriately to improve lead volume and quality.

Credit Unions Can Use Marketing Automation for Cross-Sell and Retention Opportunities

Marketing automation platforms can be a big help to credit unions, helping identify new loan and retention opportunities.

These platforms often come with the ability to alert loan officers and branch managers when past clients are back in the market setting up retention opportunities. Other alerts inside the platforms typically include rate alerts, equity alerts, and just listed alerts where LO’s can identify new purchase opportunities.

Marketing technology platforms can help credit union loan officers identify product gaps and expand cross-selling, both opportunities critical to credit union growth. They can also set up post-close workflows that create retention and mortgage clients for life.

With a strategic marketing approach in place and the top mortgage CRM like Surefire, credit unions can establish advanced marketing techniques, achieve greater engagement with their borrowers and uncover opportunities that enhance company growth. Many of these strategies can be facilitated inside Surefire today.

To learn more about Surefire and how we are helping credit unions drive outcomes and better marketing performance, contact us today at to learn more.


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