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Sales Boomerang and Surefire

The Trending Mind Editor’s Cut: Sales Boomerang

Jun 02, 2021

Sales Boomerang and Surefire CRM integrate to uncover and capture new business opportunities within your database. Your pipeline will be full between intelligent opportunity alerts and effective follow-up campaigns without breaking the bank on commercial lead sourcing.

So, why is it so important to invest in your current database by combining the power of Sales Boomerang and Surefire?

Sales Boomerang and Surefire Users Work Smarter, Not Harder

For starters,  there’s no learning curve since the entire process is housed in Surefire. When lenders upload leads, the contact information is automatically shared with Sales Boomerang, leaving no borrower forgotten and no opportunity overlooked. 

The Sales Boomerang and Surefire integration delivers timely and relevant alerts to both borrowers and loan officers (and assistants if desired) when a contact has an update to credit increases, home equity, loan rates, life events, a mortgage inquiry, and a new listing. 

Once an alert arises, our users can employ set-it-and-forget-it communication workflows that deliver the right messaging at the right time. Check out our award-winning customizable content here.

Repeat, Recapture, and Referral

It’s no secret that loan officers have faced notoriously low retention rates since, well, forever. In fact, 85% of your active borrowers will leave you every year. 

What if you had a tool that gives you a rundown of what went sideways between you and your borrowers, and tells you exactly how much business you would have earned if you improved your strategy?

Recently, Sales Boomerang developed Loan Loss Reporting, an innovative tool that allows mortgage lenders to see the “truth” behind their performance with their database. Which target rate is best? What are your competitors doing to win over your prospective borrowers? 

While this report shines a light on missed opportunities, it allows lenders to continually refine their approach so that opportunities are not missed in the future.

Mortgage professionals can also measure borrower satisfaction in Surefire with surveys and improve retention with our in-house gift-giving campaigns. The more happy clients you have, the more referrals you may receive for refinances and purchases alike.

As those new borrowers are added to the system, the cycle goes on and on as your database evolves into a career-making referral machine that works even when you’re not.

With opportunity mining and cutting-edge follow-up campaigns, Sales Boomerang and Surefire can help assure your pipelines are full in the upcoming purchase market and beyond. The larger your database becomes, the more valuable and reliable its benefits. 

Learn how you can beat the borrower retention rate with Sales Boomerang and Surefire by booking a demo today

In case you missed it, you can watch The Trending Mind Live with Sales Boomerang here: Click here to watch all of our past Facebook live videos, and be sure to like our page so you can be the first to know about our next featured guest!

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