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MBS Highway

Benefits of Using MBS Highway and Surefire Together

MBS Highway’s Real Estate Report Card adds to the award winning content delivered through Surefire CRM, 

Clients who deploy both MBS Highway and Surefire will be able to share accurate forecasts and data for over 300 markets. The sharable content in the report card  includes the Affordability Index, Median Home Price, Historical Appreciation, Forecasted Appreciation, and more. These metrics will allow lenders to demonstrate and quantify the opportunity in home ownership.

The integration with MBS Highway and Surefire CRM enables lenders to generate and distribute Real Estate Report Cards from Surefire CRM, facilitating their seamless deployment via email or text. MBS Highway and Surefire users can quickly share the report card within the award-winning marketing campaigns and automated workflows.

Those clients that have MBS Highway and Surefire can benefit from a seamless connected experience by way of an API. There is no additional work on the client’s behalf that is necessary.

Key Features

  • Create and share MBS Highways Real Estate Report Card through Surefire via text and email
  • Direct API connection into Surefire from MBS Highway

Surefire CRM and MBS Highway Integration

MBS Highway Real Estate Report Card Overview

The daily guidance and wealth of tools within MBS Highway will help you to be an invaluable resource to your clients and referral partners. Although there are many tools and features, MBS Highway brings the information to you and works very naturally into your daily sales process.

The real estate data that we provide for every county in the US makes our comparisons relevant and customized to your local market and unlike anything else out there. You can also migrate from tools to quickly and easily create engaging and meaningful reports without having to reenter the data, such as Buy vs Rent, Real Estate Report Card, Community Report, Appreciation, Affordability, and Amortization to name a few.

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