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Mortgage Marketing Trends: Mortgage Memes

Jan 18, 2021


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You do a quick online search for mortgage memes, and within minutes, you’re starting to smile, then laugh, and before you know it, you’re at a full guffaw. This is funny content. These people really get what it’s like to be a mortgage loan officer.

Before you hit the share button, think again.

Your industry peers may understand the humor, but it’s less likely your prospects will. If they see a loan officer spreading “laughs” at their expense, they’re likely to scroll past.

Later, when your name comes up, even if they don’t remember why they’ll probably have a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right.

Potentially offensive types of mortgage memes:

Mortgage memes that show frustration.

We get that it’s exasperating when a borrower gets a new credit card during the loan process. But sarcasm or veiled criticism will neither make you look funny nor create positive vibes with prospects.

Mortgage memes that make the loan process seem difficult.

Many prospective borrowers delay a home purchase because the process is intimidating. Why reinforce that perception?

Mortgage memes that make your job look hard.

Yeah, we know your job actually is really hard. But your borrowers have hard jobs, too. Show them it’s your pleasure, not a burden, to get them into the homes of their dreams.

What makes a good mortgage meme?

Mortgage memes that celebrate milestones.

Show how happy clients (and you) are upon reaching a “clear to close” status or after closing their loan.

Mortgage memes that educate.

Instead of sharing a mortgage meme that shows frustration over a borrower’s mistake, educate with a positive image that illustrates happiness over a borrower’s good decision.

Mortgage memes that inspire.

Inspirational quotes and offers of assistance can keep you top of mind, while prospective borrowers and partners will see you in a positive light. For example, a clear to close meme could speak well to colleagues, and a refi meme would speak directly to borrowers.

A mortgage CRM can help you share mortgage memes and more.

If you’re looking for an easy way to share mortgage memes while maintaining an auditable record for your company, look no further than a strong mortgage-centered CRM like Surefire. Schedule a tour today!

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