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Mortgage Memes in a Rising Rate Environment

Aug 03, 2022

Mortgage memes are a popular tool for loan officers and mortgage brokers who use social media for mortgage lead generation. Because memes typically include an element of humor, it’s easy to understand their role when things are going well.

But what about the value of memes in a rising-rate environment when refinances have all but dried up, and affordability has dwindled? When borrowers and referral partners alike may be struggling, are memes still appropriate?

Yes. You can still use mortgage memes to reach buyers and referral partners on social media. You’ll want to remember a few guidelines, though.

First, what is a mortgage meme?


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In the online world, memes are images, videos or text designs that go viral among internet users. They’re often humorous and appear with variations. For example, the same image – such as Batman slapping Robin or a woman yelling at a cat – is shared with different text applied.  A mortgage meme uses an image or text that applies to home financing.

What are the benefits of using mortgage memes?

Mortgage memes are attention-getting and memorable. People are more likely to pause in their scrolling to see an image or an animated GIF, and people remember pictures better than text. Add in the element of humor – perhaps the unexpected twist – and you can make people smile, too.

Mortgage memes are easy. Loan officers don’t need to be one of the Billboard Guys – those with plenty of marketing budget – to make a splash. Just type “meme generator” into your favorite search engine to get started.

Mortgage memes are shareable. The idea behind memes is that they go viral. While a mortgage meme may not go viral in the same sense as something related to pop culture, think about referral partners who are always looking for relevant content to share on their social media channels as well. They’re likely to remember and share a good mortgage meme!

Which mortgage memes are appropriate in a rising rate environment? While loan officers should always think about positive messaging in social media marketing, now is a good time to be motivational and reassuring.

You’ll want to choose memes that are non-controversial and, of course, that adhere to mortgage compliance rules. Also avoid copyrighted materials, and ensure you have proper permissions for using celebrity images.

Pay attention to any negative connotations memes might bring with them. It’s a good idea to research any popular meme image you might choose by asking people of different age groups to review your meme and let you know what they think. Images with babies or animals are likely to be generic enough to avoid problems and engaging enough to capture attention. We share more important reminders in this mortgage memes blog.

What about using “now is a good time to buy a home” in the popular “change my mind” meme (the one where a man sits at a folding table with a sign that says “change my mind”)? Or you could take an image of the determined baby and use a caption saying, “Scared of rising rates? We’ve got this!”

How can a mortgage CRM help with mortgage memes?

A strong mortgage CRM like Surefire offers the ability to upload images and share them on social channels. It also provides a mechanism for approvals, so each meme uploaded by a loan officer can be reviewed by marketing staff and compliance officers. Finally, a mortgage CRM keeps a record of social posts for auditing.

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Renita Davis
Renita Davis
Content Manager

As content manager at Top of Mind Networks, Renita develops award-winning marketing materials and strategies for mortgage companies. Throughout her career, Renita has managed public relations and produced both printed and online content for clients in the home building, affordable housing, real estate, mortgage lending, financial planning, and

environmental industries. As a ghostwriter, she has contributed to two books on social media marketing. Her work has also been published in numerous print and online trade publications for industries she supports.

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