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Tools and Tactics to Help You Get Quality Mortgage Leads

Dec 01, 2020

There are a million ways to source mortgage leads – the tried and true cultivation of referral partners; placing ads; social media; purchasing lists or live transfers from lead companies; marketing to past clients; and many more.

But what strategy works best to catch mortgage leads?


Give Surefire a Try!

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You may be a mortgage broker or mortgage banker, you may work for a credit union or be a bank loan officer. Regardless of the position or title, we’re all in the mortgage industry, and there’s one thing we all want – to close more mortgage loans.

Still, as with the various titles we may have, we’re all also slightly different in our own ways and preferences. Some prefer to mine the internet for mortgage leads with squeeze pages, then focus their efforts on filtering for the highest conversion rate. Other loan officers will use conventional print, radio or television ads and work the phones. Some mortgage originators will beat the street for real estate agent leads and pre-qualification candidates.

Sometimes overlooked, or not given the merit it deserves, is past client marketing. Sure, it takes a little more effort to database the deal info on every mortgage loan you close, but you know what? It’s totally worth it.

Prospective borrowers are what we seek in a mortgage lead. But prospective borrowers can be a skeptical bunch. That’s especially true if they found you on the net, through an ad, and even in some cases, if they were referred by an agent. Let’s face it – real estate agents and, in a similar vein, the mortgage industry don’t rank high on the list of trusted professions.

If you want genuine quality mortgage leads, they should be warm leads. Why have a hundred cold lead conversations that amount to only a handful of conversions when you can have a dozen deep conversations that lead to eight or nine closed loans?

Work Smart, Not Hard

The best approach in mortgage lead generation and conversion is simply this: high-quality customer service. It seems so obvious, and most mortgage originators genuinely practice it. But if you want your borrowers to refer others to you after being satisfied by your service, you MUST also do three other things:

1. Ask for the business.

2. Make sure they never forget your name.

3. Make sure they always have your contact info readily available.

Not all borrowers understand that you’re typically commissioned. Not all borrowers know that you’re dependent on closing sufficient amounts of new business to survive and prosper. Not all borrowers will think to pass along your name to someone else they know who could benefit from the great service you provide.

So never miss an opportunity to let them know these things. In fact, schedule those occasions right from the very beginning. Plant the seeds for referrals later by letting them know that if they are happy, so too will be anyone they refer. Let them know that your livelihood is dependent on doing the best job possible for them and that you are motivated to do the same for their friends, family, and co-workers.

It’s also easy to make this process easy. When your mortgage loans close, simply invest that little bit of time entering that deal data into your mortgage CRM. This is both critical and time well spent. From there, you can automate the delivery of everything else you need. The top mortgage CRM programs are already packed with high-quality content that will keep you top of mind with your clients and will keep abundant warm mortgage leads flowing your way.

Want to see what the best mortgage CRM can do for you and your mortgage marketing lead capture? Just request a demo with Surefire. You’ll be a quality mortgage lead generating machine in no time.

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