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Best Marketing Software Features for Mortgage Brokers

Apr 20, 2023

Expanded wholesale lender options and a hot mortgage market enable more mortgage professionals to forge their own paths as mortgage brokers.

But one of the biggest challenges mortgage brokers face is competing with the million-dollar-plus advertising budgets and “marketing gurus” staffed by established mortgage lenders.

Thankfully, marketing technology now exists that makes it possible for a small broker shop to cast a long shadow over its market. The key to selecting the right mortgage CRM and marketing automation platform for the job is identifying the features you’ll need to set your brand apart.

Engaging Marketing Content for Mortgage Brokers


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Sharp mortgage marketing content is a powerful tool for helping you attract and convert leads. Polished outreach and collateral communicate to prospective clients that you are a sophisticated mortgage professional who can be entrusted with guiding them through the biggest purchase of their lives, while “unbuttoned” collateral can signal the opposite and drive clients away.

You are a mortgage broker — not a graphic designer, video producer and content marketing writer — so you’ll need a marketing platform that enables you to easily apply your logo, headshot and branding to a library of polished and customizable omnichannel marketing content.

The buck doesn’t stop at winning content. The internet is a vast expanse of information and entertainment that consumers are closely tethered to. To cut through the noise, you’ll have to deliver engaging messages to consumers’ communication and social channels of choice. Look for a digital mortgage software and marketing automation platform with a robust library of content, including social media, email, flyers, single property sites, text and video.

Proven Automated Workflows

Manually distributing mortgage CRM content to prospects and customers can be a full-time job unto itself. You’ll want to automate as much of this as possible so you can focus on delivering the personalized, high-touch consulting brokers are known for.

Low-hanging fruit for automation is responding to leads, loan progress updates and post-close follow-up. Better yet is the ability to integrate your marketing software with your tech stack so you can execute multi-channel refi/purchase, in-process and post-close workflows with little to no intervention.

For example, technology integrations make it possible for brokers’ loan origination systems (LOS) to automatically update mortgage CRM contacts as the lending process progresses. Once the integration is active, a broker can leverage their CRM’s rules and workflows to trigger automatic outreach relevant to each borrower’s financing milestones. 

Surefire CRM’s Blueprints for Success allow smaller broker shops to launch a marketing program capable of competing with national brands right out of the gate using a tested combination of custom content and automated workflows. With pre-built strategies proven to win, Blueprints for Success let individuals and teams bypass the trial-and-error learning curve required to create effective mortgage marketing campaigns. 

Blueprints for Success’ turnkey marketing tools cut implementation timeframes by weeks and allow mortgage brokers to seamlessly deliver personalized, educational Surefire Creative content featuring their branding, headshot, contact details and real estate partner information. With outreach rolling out completely hands-free, mortgage brokers can reliably earn repeat and referral business and ensure a swift return on their mortgage technology investment.

Educational Resources for Mortgage Brokers

Last, but certainly not least, you should seek out a mortgage marketing technology provider that offers educational materials to help you optimize the performance of your marketing campaigns. If that’s not something you currently have access to, then Surefire℠ CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine by Black Knight is here to help. We’ve made our vast library of marketing education materials open to everyone at no cost.

Surefire’s Mortgage Marketing University (MMU) has over a dozen 101, 201 and 301-level courses designed to fill marketing beginners in on the basics like lead generation and help advanced practitioners brush up skills such as cross-selling and optimizing their revenue-generating strategy. To aid the learning process, we’ve also made the MMU companion Ebook available as a free download and created a series of quizzes so you can test your knowledge along the way.

Surefire CRM is Built for Mortgage Brokers

As you can see, a mortgage CRM and marketing software can make all the difference in the world. Schedule a personalized tour to see what Surefire CRM can do for your business.

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