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6 Ways to Implement Customer Marketing in the Mortgage Industry

Aug 06, 2021

Customer marketing may not be the first thing you do for your mortgage business, but it should be among the first things you plan. When implemented well, customer marketing grows your business organically, nurturing it with a lifetime supply of loyal clients and a steady stream of referrals.

And if your mortgage business is not new? It’s not too late! The time to hone your customer marketing program is now!

What Is Customer Marketing?


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Customer marketing in the mortgage industry targets clients the loan officer has already won rather than potential new borrowers. And while any new loan officer must primarily focus on attracting new borrowers, a customer marketing best practices plan should be in place from the outset. As soon as you close that first loan, you’ll want to have a strategy to bring those hard-won customers back for the next loan. In time, the marketing effort can shift away from appealing to new borrowers and focus on staying in touch with the ones you already have.

In fact, with a good customer marketing program, your mortgage business will never have any “past” clients. All clients will remain current throughout their customer journey because you’ll be in regular communication.

In the mortgage industry, customer marketing is often referred to as post-close marketing – it’s the long-term effort you make to stay top of mind with your clients long after they close their loan. Here are six components you can include in your program.

Set Up Expectations

When your client moves from a “prospect” to an “in-process borrower” status, help them anticipate the steps to come. Be sure to ask them upfront what their priorities are and what’s special about their scenario. You can do this through a simple automated survey that’s part of an in-process workflow. Their scenario may not seem “special” or different to you, but it will be to them, so be sure to treat it that way!

You’ll want to let them know what they can expect in their customer journey, especially during the loan process. Gently define their responsibilities and potential roadblocks.

Always Say Thanks

There’s nothing like a genuine “thank you” to help your customers feel valued, and it doesn’t hurt to say it in multiple ways. You might send a quick text message immediately after closing, then schedule print marketing, like a glossy postcard, to arrive several days later. You might also send a closing gift. All of these messages can be automated as the first steps in your post-close marketing campaign.

Request Reviews and Referrals

We know how important reviews can be in making our own buying decisions, and the same is true when customers select a mortgage company. Be sure to thank the customer who leaves a review and, if it results in a new deal, let them know how they helped your business. Chances are, they’ll feel even more invested in your future success.

Similarly, ask early and (not too often) for referrals. Occasionally insert a simple reminder that you appreciate introductions to friends or family who have questions about home financing as a sign-off in email or print marketing pieces. These reminders are appropriate to include for many years after closing.

You might also consider sending an occasional postcard or email just to ask for referrals. The communication will remind your customers that your business depends on word-of-mouth advertising and will keep you top of mind when they talk with others who might benefit from your services.

Employ Omnichannel Communication in Your Customer Marketing

Customer marketing best practices call for a long-term omnichannel approach to client communication. Omnichannel communication is different from multi-channel communication in that it involves a consistent, personalized, borrower-focused experience designed to meet your customer where they are rather than company-focused communications scattered out over various media.

Yes, part of omnichannel marketing involves sending messages over various channels, but these messages should be tailored to the recipient’s customer journey. In a post-close marketing campaign, messages may include personalized mortgage checkups, refinancing calculators pre-filled with deal information, or timely loan anniversary print marketing in the form of personalized postcards.

Anticipate Customers’ Mortgage Needs

While a mortgage is a key part of most consumers’ financial toolbox, it’s not something they often remember to employ when paying for life events or home improvements. In fact, even if you think the news is filled with information about low interest rates, chances are your customers are not paying as much attention to financial reports as you are and won’t know it’s a good time for a refi.

Customer marketing best practices require you to anticipate customers’ needs and let them know how you can help. You can do this through a mortgage CRM that alerts you when interest rates drop below your customers’ rates or when a client lists their home for sale. It’s also helpful to monitor clients’ equity so you can inform them of opportunities to get rid of PMI or access cash.

You might also anticipate needs based on typical borrower behavior. Send cash-out refi info to customers who closed three or more years ago and may be ready for home improvements or repairs. Reach out to families with teenagers about opportunities to access cash for tuition.

Remember Non-Mortgage Events in Your Customer Marketing

Staying in touch is about more than mortgages. Reach out to your customers on their birthdays and holidays, too! This is a good opportunity to employ your print marketing strategy and show up in customer mailboxes, but don’t limit yourself! It’s appropriate to send both a personal (though automated) text and a glossy postcard, especially if the postcard image is personalized to the recipient. A fun email with a personalized video is always a great way to mark special occasions, too.

Set Your Customer Marketing Strategy in Motion With a Mortgage CRM

Your omnichannel customer marketing strategy, including digital and print marketing, is easy to implement with Surefire, the industry’s leading mortgage CRM and the only one fully loaded with all the marketing content you’ll need! Schedule a demo so you can put it to work for yourself!

Renita Davis
Renita Davis
Content Manager

As content manager at Top of Mind Networks, Renita develops award-winning marketing materials and strategies for mortgage companies. Throughout her career, Renita has managed public relations and produced both printed and online content for clients in the home building, affordable housing, real estate, mortgage lending, financial planning, and

environmental industries. As a ghostwriter, she has contributed to two books on social media marketing. Her work has also been published in numerous print and online trade publications for industries she supports.

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