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What Is the Difference Between Mortgage CRM and LOS Software?

Apr 21, 2023

Loan officers and other users of loan origination software are already familiar with the way these programs function and what they’re used for: entering borrower data, pulling credit, running automated underwriting, pricing/locking, generating docs and submitting loans.

Next to closing loans, this series of initial loan origination steps is what mortgage industry participants work hard to achieve.

The mortgage loan application itself is the end result of what can be months and even years of positioning, educating, selling and proving one’s trustworthiness or record of success by today’s mortgage professionals.

Mortgage loan origination software, also known as a mortgage loan origination system (LOS), provides all the means to properly service your clients and united the functions of taking, processing and underwriting loans. But how does one best get to that point where the prospect says, “Let’s do it”?

The Difference Between a Mortgage CRM and LOS


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A mortgage CRM, or mortgage customer relationship management platform, is a must-have mortgage software solution that streamlines the process of converting leads into prospects, prospects into applicants, applicants into clients and clients into repeat customers and referral partners.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mortgage banker or mortgage broker, a rookie or a seasoned pro; the loan officer’s world is not easy to manage.

Ever admire a drummer’s skills? Each hand, foot and finger work independently yet simultaneously to create each intricate part of a complex rhythm. As a loan officer engaged in the lending process, you’re no less talented.

Your day will almost always involve a myriad of tasks and specialties, from answering simple questions to engineering solutions for ultra-complex scenarios that never seem to be adequately addressed or included in the lending guidelines.

Marketer, salesperson, psychologist, teacher, mentor, counselor, copy clerk — the duties and roles of a mortgage loan originator go on and on. Like the drummer’s hands and feet, you’re probably juggling all these activities in a massive conglomerated process that few looking in from the outside would understand. Yet somehow, at the end of the pipeline, you manage to close loans.

If you have been in the business for a while, you’ve likely developed some kind of process. Perhaps it’s as simple as using a time management tool or segmenting your duties by the hour or day. Alternatively, you may just be bouncing from one email to the next day in and day out to get your job done.

If you’re busy enough or want to be, you’ve probably explored the idea of adopting a purpose-built mortgage CRM software program to help you organize your time and duties. Better still would be a program that can alleviate some of your daily outreach responsibilities through marketing automation.

Today’s quality mortgage CRM systems can start with simple “set it and forget it” marketing campaigns and progress through triggered pipeline management and status communication. Just think about the benefits possible if you could eliminate all the time spent communicating status and procedural next steps to keep your deals flowing smoothly through your pipeline!

That’s just the beginning. Another differentiator between a mortgage CRM and an LOS involves service and communication AFTER the closing. This is often where a mortgage CRM can shine. It’s simple to adopt and deploy multi-year and even perpetual contact campaigns to assure that your past customers never forget your name and the value you provided. When they’re ready to use your services again, you’ll be just a click away.

Add to all that a CRM already jam-packed with all the content you could need, and you’ll be smooth sailing. From simple educational flyers to branded landing pages, custom dynamic animations, postcards, calculators, games and videos, an extensive creative content library provides the recipe for continued success. There’s nothing like nurturing those you’ve already worked with as referral sources for their friends, family and co-workers.

The heartache of time-sensitive emails lost in an inbox or spam folder can also be evaded by integrating a CRM with text messaging capabilities with your mortgage LOS. If a lead abandons an in-process application, the LOS can transfer that customer’s data to the CRM platform to automatically trigger personalized reminders. 

Many text messaging automation platforms even allow loan originators to receive consumers’ responses to text message outreach, so loan officers and brokers can swiftly initiate a one-to-one conversation. A near real-time response with a human touch, such as a video message or a mortgage-related meme, further increases the likelihood that a consumer will continue to respond and, hopefully, complete their loan application.

Developing a steady stream of prospects and new applicants ready to take that leap from your mortgage CRM to your LOS Software leads to a more gratifying and rewarding career with relative certainty of where and when that next application will arrive.

If you’ve not yet seen what the best mortgage CRM can do for your business, why not schedule a demo to see the Surefire℠ CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine by Black Knight in action today? Your mortgage software and your bank account will thank you.

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