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Turbocharge Salesforce Through Surefire Integration

Feb 25, 2021

In an earlier article, we wrote that “no system, no matter how great, can do everything.” And now we’d like to expand upon that, saying that no one tech stack, no matter how great, will work for every lender.


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That’s because, in the wild world of mortgage lending, no two lenders are the same. Business models, company size, existing technology, lines of business, sales strategy, service style, corporate culture, region and customer demographics are just a few of the variables that determine what kind of tech stack lenders need to be successful. 

You might think that because we are a CRM and marketing automation platform that we view Salesforce as a competitor rather than a partner. But in this case, Salesforce and Surefire each serve a unique purpose, and two CRMs aren’t too many. 

Because we’ve been working in lockstep with lenders for upwards of 20 years, if there’s one thing we understand, it’s that lender business models vary, and there’s no one size fits all solution. In fact, we’ve found that for some of our customers — especially those with more complex operational structures such as consumer direct lenders, wholesalers, depository banks and credit unions — Salesforce serves as a single source of truth that binds their systems together. 

Lenders that leverage both Salesforce and Surefire usually do so because they have found the enormous expense and development timelines of building out mortgage marketing content and workflows within Salesforce prohibitive. Surefire brings to the table an auditable, out-of-the-box mortgage marketing content and automation platform designed to deliver value from day one.

Top of Mind’s deep industry knowledge is baked into every facet of Surefire. Turnkey workflow automations, such as our Blueprints for Success, result from refining thousands of campaigns for hundreds of lenders that successfully funnel more leads, improve pull-through and earn repeat business. What’s more, Surefire has a vast library of award-winning multimedia content suited for borrowers throughout the loan cycle.

How Surefire (and the Top of Mind team!) can help.

Just because you have Salesforce doesn’t mean you don’t need Surefire. And just because you are a Surefire customer, you shouldn’t be clandestine about your relationship with Salesforce. 

The Top of Mind team is here to help. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate Surefire’s proven mortgage marketing workflows and award-winning content into your Salesforce-centric tech stack.

Surefire has a public API that enables real-time bi-directional syncing with Salesforce (and your other mortgage systems) in real-time to automate and expedite the lending process. By exploiting our public API, you can prefill mortgage applications with on-file borrower information, keep the loan process on track with notifications and trigger marketing automation campaigns when mortgage milestones are reached. What’s more, Surefire’s bi-directional communication with Salesforce helps keep you TCPA compliant, maintaining your client’s communication and privacy preferences in sync across platforms.

If you’re a Salesforce customer and want to learn more about how Surefire can turbocharge your marketing strategy, or if you just want to learn more about Surefire APIs and native integrations, schedule a demo today.

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