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Best Features For Mortgage CRMs

The Five Best Features for Mortgage CRMs

Jul 06, 2021

The best features for mortgage CRMs are crucial to helping lenders win new business, boost brand engagement and streamline workflows for originators.

A mortgage CRM is customer relationship management software where contact management (for clients and partners), mortgage marketing, and client communications are performed. Having a quality mortgage CRM is essential to your business because it lays the foundation of business relationships between a lender, clients, and referral partners.

So that you excel in your mortgage marketing endeavors and select the best mortgage CRM for your business needs, we’ve compiled a list of the top five must-haves in a mortgage CRM.

5 of the Best Features for Mortgage CRMs

1. Mortgage CRMs Should Have Engaging Creative Content


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Many lenders are busy and don’t have the time or talent to develop effective mortgage marketing content. Unfortunately, lenders can’t use the same content templates that work for coffee shops and clothing retailers because they simply don’t speak to the unique nature of a home purchase. So to conduct effective mortgage marketing campaigns, lenders will want a mortgage CRM packed with engaging content that contains both evergreen and market-responsive messages. Serving up communications that both entertain and educate will go a long way in keeping clients invested in their relationship.

2. The Best Mortgage CRM Has Automated Workflows

Mortgage marketing automated workflows are communications triggered by milestones in the homeownership journey and changes to a client’s contact information. A mortgage CRM with “set it and forget workflows” makes your team more efficient by automating tedious reminder emails and progress updates that gobble up hours of LOs’ and processors’ time each day. Also, a mortgage CRM with automated workflows helps improve client satisfaction by keeping loans on track and clients abreast of where they are in their housing finance journey.

3. Integrations and APIs

A mortgage CRM is most effective when it communicates with other systems in your unique mortgage technology ecosystem. After all, integrations are what make exciting features such as automated workflows possible. The best mortgage CRM will have ready-built integrations and open APIs that allow you to seamlessly connect with key systems, such as point of sale (POS) software, loan origination systems (LOS), other CRMs, product pricing engines, and more. By ensuring your systems work in tandem with your mortgage CRM, you can deliver a seamless experience to clients.

4. Omnichannel Experience

The best mortgage CRM will be built to provide homebuyers with an omnichannel communication experience. As opposed to multichannel marketing, which sends messages via two or more channels, omnichannel marketing enables you to both receive information and interact with your business via their communication method of choice. Whereas a multichannel mortgage CRM may send one-way email and text updates, an omnichannel mortgage CRM empowers consumers to receive updates and seek out additional information via phone, text, email or visiting a webpage. Selecting a mortgage CRM that extends your presence to clients’ preferred communication channels makes them feel more supported, strengthening the client relationship.

5. Intelligent Branding

When it comes to making the most impactful financial decision of their life, consumers need to feel they can trust the business they’ve partnered with. One of the best ways to communicate your professionalism and market savvy is by presenting a consistent branding experience across all communication channels. The best mortgage CRM can intelligently apply your colors, logo, and branding specifications to communications from interactive emails to property landing pages to ensure your clients always have an on-brand experience.

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