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Social Media Marketing Posts Loan Officers Can Use to Generate Leads

May 19, 2021

Social media marketing posts can actually generate mortgage leads? Of course! If your mortgage business is on social media just to have a presence, then you’re underestimating the power of the medium! Here are some tips for turning your mortgage social media marketing into a powerful lead generation tool.

Before we get started, remember we said “posts,” not “post.” This article will not provide sample social media marketing posts that will magically transform a social media browser into a client in the milliseconds it takes to scroll through a post. Those don’t exist.

Instead, we’ll give you ideas for effective mortgage social media content to consider when you’re consistently updating your social media accounts or, even better, when you’re making a social media plan.

Introduce yourself through your social media marketing posts.


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While you should have a business social media presence that’s different from your personal one, remember that people viewing your mortgage social media marketing will (probably) be viewing them on their personal time and in their own spaces. They’ll be more interested in getting to know a person or personality than a corporation.

So how will you introduce yourself? You do not need to divulge any personal information you’re not comfortable with sharing, and you can certainly protect your family’s privacy as much as desired.

One of the best tools to help your social media friends and followers know you better is video, where exposure to your mannerisms and speech patterns will make prospects feel like they’re meeting the “real” you.

Don’t fret over getting your videos perfect. One of the positive things we’ve learned from pandemic Zoom meetings is that effectiveness does not rely on a standard backdrop or delivery method. Be yourself!

What should you talk about in your mortgage social media marketing?

Whether you’re using video or static messages, you’re going to want to cover mortgage-related topics mostly. Breaking news about market developments or loan programs is a natural topic for quick social media marketing posts. A 20-second video or a quick written blurb will let people know rates have fallen or your company has a new plan for the market you’re hoping to reach, whether first-time buyers, investors or jumbo borrowers.

You also can use social media marketing posts to spread your excitement over a deal you just closed, and when you can, explain how you overcame an obstacle on the client’s behalf (respecting the party’s privacy as appropriate). Share your enthusiasm for helping homebuyers realize their dreams so your social media friends and followers can envision you as a resource for helping them achieve their goals, too.

Mortgage social media content does not have to be about mortgages all the time, though.

Chances are, the social media friends and followers that will eventually become clients are the ones who live in your area. Highlight what you have in common by supporting your community. Is the local team headed for a big game? Offer your best wishes! Is there a big community festival taking place this weekend? Show your support by mentioning it on your page.

If your mortgage company supports a local nonprofit, be sure to highlight that support and the work of the nonprofit regularly. Sharing some of the non-profit’s posts will help you fill your content calendar without having to do the work of producing content.

Lessen your load with evergreen mortgage social media content.

So far, these tips for your social media marketing posts sound like a lot of work because you need to create videos or otherwise post pretty regularly. How will you ever take a vacation?!

Here’s the best part of mortgage social media marketing: by incorporating evergreen content when you’re making a social media plan, you’ll be able to schedule most of the work ahead. The timely posts we’ve mentioned so far will be the garnish on top of an otherwise filling menu.

Social media for mortgage brokers and loan officers should contain tools and educational content to empower prospects to make informed decisions. Some examples of evergreen content that does this are mortgage calculators; links to educational flyers or landing pages; memes; motivational messages; or interactive games.

Helping prospects learn about the process before they become borrowers serves several purposes. First, they feel more in control since they now have some background information on home financing, making them happier, more confident customers. Second, they see you as a source of that valuable information and an expert. Finally, they will be more knowledgeable and prepared when they start the loan process. That means less time you will need spend educating them one-on-one.

Pre-scheduled social media marketing posts can be timely too.

While they aren’t technically evergreen, there are social media posts you can pre-schedule so your friends and followers will see them as timely. Consider taking a few minutes to set up holiday messages at the beginning of each year.

Think about it – your 4th of July greetings can pop up on your social media pages at the same time you’re riding a float in your community’s Independence Day Parade or, perhaps better yet, lying on a beach somewhere.

To add more personality and uniqueness to your page, think past the common holidays as you’re making a social media plan. What about recognizing Talk Like Shakespeare Day (April 23) or Smile Power Day (June 15) or, for a little bit of extra encouragement, Everything You Do Is Right Day (March 16)?

Specific mortgage social media marketing that appears timely can be pre-scheduled, too. Automate posts with seasonal home buying or home maintenance tips, for example. In the industry, we know that conforming loan limits will be updated for the next year in late November. Pre-schedule for early December a link to a site that shows current limits.

Similarly, FHFA will post its year-end house price index in late February. You’re safe to schedule an early March post with a link to a site where prospects can search appreciation rates in their area.

Consistency is the key to social media marketing posts that bring in leads.

When it comes to social media for mortgage brokers and loan officers, as with any industry, consistency pays off. Strive for two or three fresh posts each week. And since we know you don’t have time for that, we recommend automation through a strong mortgage-centered CRM system as a surefire way to make it happen.

Are you looking for more tips to ramp up your social media marketing posts? Check out the Top of Mind Social Media Guide, created just for the mortgage industry. We’re confident it will arm you with the tools you need to turn your social media accounts into lead generation machines.

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