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Close More Loans Faster with 4 Must-Have Marketing Automation Workflows

Jun 19, 2020

As mortgage lenders field the tsunami of refi volume that has accompanied record-low interest rates, loan originators are struggling to manage the basic borrower communication that keeps loan pipelines flowing and customers happy. To manage unexpected spikes in volume and maximize the workforce efficiency, loan originators need tools that allow them to be in not just two, but hundreds of places at once.

When managed from a marketing automation platform and mortgage marketing CRM, automated workflows are a powerful tool for optimizing production and providing white-glove service to each and every borrower during times of unprecedented volume.


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Simply put, a marketing automation workflow is a series of communications that are triggered by a customer’s action or changes made to their CRM contact information. The best mortgage CRMs offer “set it and forget it” automated workflows that allow your team to perform their many other duties while automation stays on top of prospects and guides borrowers through common roadblocks.

There are many types of marketing automation workflows. But for mortgage lenders, the most important are inbound lead workflows, prospect workflows, in-process workflows and post-close workflows.

Let’s look into how each of these workflow types optimizes production. 


  • Inbound lead workflows are designed to generate interest in your organization and expedite the conversion of leads to prospects. Once a website visitor engages with your company by signing up for an offer such as information on mortgage rates, your marketing automation platform will generate a contact entry within your CRM and begin a cascade of email, text, and mail communications appropriate for this initial stage of the customer journey.
  • Prospect workflows are best-known for their ability to convert leads to applicants, but they can also be used to nurture relationships with existing clients and referral partners.
  • In-process workflows help you close more loans, faster by deploying educational content that talks customers through specific steps in the loan process. Getting a home loan can be one of the most complicated transactions a consumer ever faces. Making the process simpler and more approachable requires deep industry expertise you won’t find in just any marketing automation platform.
  • Post-close workflows are designed to help you keep customers for life by maintaining relationships long after the initial transaction. Examples include sending borrowers a closing gift, notifying them when they would benefit from a refinance, or letting them know how their home’s value has changed over time.


You don’t need to hire a team of marketing gurus to experience phenomenal success with marketing automation, but you will need the best mortgage CRM that is designed to meet the unique needs of lending professionals. 

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