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Does Your CRM Add to the Experience of Working With Your Company?

Nov 17, 2020

Earlier this month, we wrote about Top of Mind’s long-standing investment in the mortgage industry and all the ways we put our accumulated knowledge to work for lenders. Today, we want to talk about another way “experience matters” — in this case, the experience of your mortgage team members and customers.

Lenders need a CRM that is not only functional but also accounts for the differentiated needs of team members and borrowers. For loan teams, a CRM should serve as a trusty sidekick that helps carry the workload and saves the day in a pinch with content always at the ready. For customers and prospects, CRMs are the unsung heroes behind communications that delight, educate and engage.

An integral part of your loan team.


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Sometimes a change in the market or request from a referral partner demands swift outreach. The number one goal of any marketing automation platform is to take this burden off of salespeople, who don’t have time to spend hours creating and deploying content. Your team won’t thank you if it takes as long to do a task within your CRM as it would without any CRM at all! That’s why the best mortgage CRMs offer a marriage of great technology and great content. Surefire CRM users don’t have to do it all themselves, because they can rely on an ever-growing library of engaging content written by experts who understand the mortgage business — including mortgage compliance — from the inside out.

Lenders’ needs vary depending on their business structure, size and marketing goals. Some companies manage marketing activities centrally, while others allow individual branch managers and LOs to run independent marketing campaigns. This variability is a key reason lenders find it so difficult to use CRMs that take a “one size fits all” approach to user management. Surefire CRM’s flexible user controls give lenders the latitude to define a complete hierarchy of roles, even assigning different permissions and brand standards to various origination channels.  

Another major source of friction between loan teams and CRMs is bad customer service. No matter the features a system might have, a lack of help when you need it is frustrating and wastes valuable time. Top of Mind prides itself on delivering attentive and helpful customer service. All users can rely on experienced and friendly experts who are quick to respond, which isn’t always the case with other  CRMs on the market. Users can also leverage Surefire Professional Services for custom projects that require extra support outside the scope of their service contract.

A boon to the borrower experience.

Modern consumers are inundated with messaging. To cut through the noise, lenders need to deliver timely, meaningful content that consumers can relate to. Unfortunately, many CRMs emphasize quantity over quality, relentlessly spamming customers and threatening the relationships you’ve worked so hard to forge. We can think of no more tragic way to lose a customer (and their referrals) to a competitor.

That’s why we do things differently. Sometimes educational, occasionally humorous and always authentic, the content featured in Surefire delights clients with valuable information about the mortgage market, their neighborhood, their home or their personal finances. And when it comes to delivering that content, Surefire CRM is not only automated — it’s intuitive. Tight-knit system integrations ensure workflows are perfectly orchestrated as borrowers move through the loan process, so communications are never out of tune with a borrower’s current loan milestone. The platform is compliant and respectful in the way it communicates with borrowers, too, honoring late-night “do not disturb” hours across time zones.

All of this is part of Surefire’s intentional and thoughtful approach to customer communication; we strike the right balance between your need to keep customer relationships warm and the borrower’s desire to have their time and attention respected. In this way, your marketing activities cease to be a potential liability and instead add to your overall customer experience, driving repeat and referral business.

Experience is the differentiating factor for mortgage CRMs.

The value of a great user and borrower experience can’t be overstated. A responsive, versatile and quick-witted CRM is a must for mortgage lenders hoping to keep internal resources and customers happy in equal measure.

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