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Mortgage Loan Officer

Mortgage Loan Officer Recruiting in 2023

Jan 27, 2023

In November 2022, existing home sales experienced the longest string of month-after-month declines since 1999, according to National Mortgage News. At the same time, NAHB says builder confidence declined for the 11th consecutive month, reaching its lowest level since 2012.

In other words, it’s not easy being a mortgage loan officer these days.


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The numbers may leave you to wonder whether 2023 will see any recruiting for mortgage loan officers at all. But established lenders know, in good markets or bad, recruitment efforts never stop. They just look different.

Lenders will no longer be looking for just any loan officer, but for those who have proven success with purchase clients and who can bring established books of business.

And since experienced, well-established, purchase-oriented loan officers may be hard to find, lenders will need to bring in their best recruiting tools.

Mortgage Technology Can Help Win Over Loan Officers

Mortgage technologies, such as a mortgage CRM, can support recruitment activities in three primary ways.

First, strong CRM tech can help manage and automate the recruitment process. In the same way lenders can set up a sales process for a purchase or refinance loan, they can set up a recruitment process to track their contacts with prospective team members and keep notes on conversations. Reminders can help ensure calls are made, dinners are reserved and swag is ordered. Automated communications can deliver a series of timely emails or text messages through an established recruiting workflow.

Second, a mortgage-related CRM system will contain marketing content that can be edited to meet a company’s specific needs. A lender shouldn’t have to build the recruiting workflow from scratch. Templates with suggested topics and verbiage can make the job easy to start, while the company’s personalization will help them stand out in a crowded field.

Third, the use of mortgage technology itself can be attractive to successful loan officers, who demand modern tools to manage their workload. Recruiting processes that employ mortgage technology seamlessly and showcase their tech’s usefulness can win over loan officers who are dissatisfied with the quality of tech in their current companies.

Surefire Delivers for Recruiters

Black Knight’s Surefire CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine provides the platform, the process management and the marketing automation that can facilitate loan officer recruitment efforts in 2023. A recruiting workflow contains editable, company-branded templates that highlight all of the important factors loan officers want to see, from leadership bios to customer reviews, to support teams, marketing efforts and beyond. Editable presentations help recruiters organize their thoughts, and an automated lookbook can help prospects picture themselves on awesome marketing materials.

To see how Surefire CRM can make a difference for your recruiting efforts and the 2023 purchase market, schedule a demo today. We’d love to show you around.

Renita Davis
Renita Davis
Content Manager

As content manager at Top of Mind Networks, Renita develops award-winning marketing materials and strategies for mortgage companies. Throughout her career, Renita has managed public relations and produced both printed and online content for clients in the home building, affordable housing, real estate, mortgage lending, financial planning, and environmental industries. As a ghostwriter, she has contributed to two books on social media marketing. Her work has also been published in numerous print and online trade publications for industries she supports.

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