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Integration Partner Spotlight: MBS Highway

Aug 31, 2022

Mortgage and real estate markets are in constant ebb and flow. In the past year alone, the housing environment made a significant shift from a refinance boom to today’s high-rate purchase market. Mortgage and real estate professionals must always stay on their toes if they want to succeed in a declining market.



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Contemporary market intelligence and analytics solutions are a valuable tool lenders might not have considered and can help educate borrowers about financial opportunities. This gives lenders a foot in the door to secure loan opportunities ahead of their competitors. However, it is important to note that even the best educational resources are only beneficial if they are relevant to the consumer.

By supplementing Surefire CRM’s omnichannel mortgage marketing with comprehensive real estate market intelligence from MBS Highway, lenders can win more purchase business by offering personalized guidance that helps consumers understand the market they are buying into.

What is MBS Highway?

MBS Highway is a mortgage intelligence and sales effectiveness platform that enables mortgage industry professionals to interpret, forecast and leverage activity in mortgage markets to drive value to potential homebuyers. MBS Highway offers exclusive information and educational tools that mortgage professionals can rely on for relevance, speed and precision as they help customers navigate the homebuying or refinance process.

About the Integration

Surefire CRM integrates with MBS Highway to enhance our mutual customers’ marketing strategy with MBS Highway’s Real Estate Report Cards, which can be added to award-winning content from the Surefire Creative library. The MBS Highway Real Estate Report Card is a single-page dashboard that provides homebuyers a high-level overview of a home’s value within the context of neighborhood real estate data.

Designed to position mortgage lenders and their referral partners as trusted market experts, Real Estate Report Cards include graphs depicting a property’s historical and forecasted appreciation, affordability index and current neighborhood inventory. Real Estate Report Cards can even be co-branded with real estate agents to strengthen referral partnerships.

The integration is supported by a one-way, direct API connection that moves data from MBS Highway into the Surefire CRM platform. This data connection enables lenders to generate Real Estate Report Cards within Surefire CRM and facilitate their seamless deployment via email or text message using Surefire CRM’s automated marketing campaigns and Client for Life workflows.

About the Benefits

The integration between Surefire CRM and MBS Highway helps loan officers (LOs) and mortgage brokers provide greater value to homebuyers by enabling the automatic distribution of market-specific insights in MBS Highway’s Real Estate Report Cards. Lenders who deploy both MBS Highway and Surefire CRM can share forecasts and data for over 300 markets to build and strengthen relationships with customers and referral partners.

The Real Estate Report Card includes market-specific information such as the Affordability Index, Median Home Price, Historical Appreciation, Forecasted Appreciation and more — metrics that allow lenders to demonstrate and quantify the opportunity in homeownership. MBS Highway generates its proprietary content daily using expert analyses, so lenders can swiftly engage thousands of borrowers with content that is both accurate and relevant.

The integration between Surefire CRM and MBS Highway also offers unique value to lenders’ referral partners. Because Surefire CRM’s omnichannel marketing content can be co-branded with real estate partners, Real Estate Report Cards can be featured alongside the LO and real estate agent’s headshots and contact information. What’s more, MBS Highway tracks and analyzes current real estate data for every county in the U.S., so its comparisons are always relevant to real estate agents and their clients.

Together, Surefire CRM and MBS Highway supply engaging, educational content that helps consumers better understand the market they are looking to purchase in. Sharing MBS Highway’s Real Estate Report Cards with single property websites and interactive mortgage calculators by Surefire CRM gives homebuyers information about their housing investment.

Getting Started

The plug-and-play integration between Surefire CRM and MBS Highway can be activated in moments, with no additional API keys or URLs required. A branch manager or administrator simply grants users permission to activate the integration in their Surefire CRM settings. Approved users then turn on integration by entering their MBS

Highway username in their Surefire CRM profile. After that, the integration is immediately ready to use.

While the partnership between Surefire and MBS Highway is an out-of-the-box integration, Real Estate Report Cards can be added to both the preconfigured and custom workflows in Surefire CRM. For example, a lender could deploy emails containing Real Estate Report Cards in their customized purchase-lead workflows to help prospective homebuyers better understand the financial opportunity in their area.

Surefire CRM users choose when and how they want to send the Real Estate Report Card, either via email or SMS text message. The information featured on the Real Estate Report Card can also be tailored to recipients’ mailing, physical, company or loan address. When lenders send outreach through an email marketing campaign, the Real Estate Report Card can be crosslinked in both text and images, so lenders have full control over the content of their message.

MBS Highway offers lenders full access to its robust toolset via cost-effective monthly and annual subscriptions. Start your 14-day free trial of MBS Highway to learn more about the MBS Highway platform, and connect with Black Knight’s Surefire team to see a hands-on live demonstration of how Surefire and MBS Highway work together.

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