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single property sites 101

Single Property Sites 101

Jun 07, 2022

Single Property Sites, as the name suggests, will feature a single property and will often include more comprehensive information than typical property search sites. A top-notch single property site, created by Surefire from Black Knight and other providers, will include helpful property details, as well as area demographic information for schools, amenities, commuting, loan program rates and payment calculations. Best of all, these sites do more than just inform consumers – they help build relationships, too.

Show, don’t tell: Real estate agent marketing through single property sites


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Mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers build their businesses in many ways, but the most popular method is through real estate agent partnering. Many mortgage practices are successful because they have built a base of agents that are happy and confident in recommending them for home financing.

Single property sites, especially ones that can be created in just minutes using listing, rate and demographic data, are a great way of demonstrating the value that a mortgage lender can provide to targeted agent partners. Why send an email or a text when you can introduce yourself with a website exclusively populated with your agent’s latest listing? This is an easy and effective way to show you can help market their properties versus just telling them you can.

Exclusivity can go a long way to focus prospects on properties that suit their needs.
Buyers can be fickle. They will often target properties that are out of their reach, or even completely opposite of what their stated tastes are. Every agent will have stories about the buyers who swore they would only go for a Colonial and then bought a ranch-style house. Isolating listings that line up with a buyer’s desires and that are available within their budget is a great way of helping them get what they really want. It’s easy when you can send them a link to a site featuring a single property that they can explore online through photos, virtual tours, and videos and that will even help them see what the payment to own should be.

It’s not to say that buyers shouldn’t be able to explore the entire market. Rather, once their tastes and budget have been narrowed down, a laser focus on the right house and quick action to pursue it can make the difference in winning the bid – especially in super-competitive markets.

Single property sites offer everything an agent or buyer could need to view and market a property

A good single property site is more than just a website. It can include downloadable PDFs for flyers and sign-in sheets, along with useful loan program and demographic data — all available in one convenient place. It’s real estate agent marketing in a single URL that’s easy for mortgage bankers to provide “done for you” service to the listing or sales agent.

Many sellers are accustomed to seeing their property on sites that list every home in the area for sale. But seeing a unique website that features their home – and their home only – is much less common. A single property site is a great tool for ramping up listing presentations. Imagine promising a seller their unique, individually tailored site will be ready within minutes of listing and being able to deliver! Plus, a single property site is a great way for those sellers to then share the link with family and friends for some extra out-of-network exposure.

For agents, single property sites can be an extra benefit that makes the difference in closing a deal. For mortgage pros, it’s a relationship starter, builder and maintainer. For owners, it’s a value-added benefit and a tool by which they can assist in marketing their own home through personal sharing and by posting on social media.

Every site is personally branded to the agent and the mortgage professional that provides it. All in all, it’s a simple yet effective way of broadening your service, your reach and the success of your business.

Ready to see what single property sites and real estate agent marketing can do for your business? Click here for a Surefire demo today.

Brian Larrabee
Brian Larrabee
Content Director

Brian’s entire professional career has centered in real estate. He’s designed, built and brokered homes. He’s provided over half a billion dollars in mortgage loan financing to everyone from first time-buyers to the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies He’s a published author with articles in periodicals,

hedge fund websites and trade publications. Brian has traveled the country and been on broadcast radio to speak in front of hundreds of his industry contemporaries. He’s also created and developed hundreds of educational products from print to digital used throughout the U.S. and beyond, which make the process of buying and financing a home easier for all. Brian is a father, real estate investor, outdoorsman, pilot, skier, golfer and plays ice hockey in several men’s leagues every week of the year.

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