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How Mortgage Marketing Postcards Can Help Your Business

Dec 07, 2020

It’s a Digital Marketing World

Mortgage marketing postcards aren’t typically what mortgage bankers and brokers think of as the latest and greatest online mortgage marketing methods and tools. That’s fine, but it’s important to not be just another face in the crowd.

Standing out, hopefully even alone, makes you visible and memorable, without really even trying.

It’s hard for those of us in the industry to remember or even know what it’s now like for a prospective mortgage applicant when they’ve started shopping for a home and done some surfing for home loan info.

Yet, you probably can imagine, as it’s no different than doing a little research or shopping for anything else online these days. Be it mattresses, vacations or pizza delivery, you’ll be followed everywhere by pop-up ads offering you “fantastic savings” on precisely that.

Someone will win that deal eventually, but if you or they are just one of many, it may not be for any good reason other than the luck of the draw. You know it’s happened to you before too. Sometimes winning a deal is just being in the right place, at the right time — not by design, but rather, just by good luck.

Forge Your Own Path With Mortgage Marketing Postcards, and Watch It Pay Off


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There are still plenty of avenues for marketing outside of the internet. Print, radio, television, billboards and good old-fashioned beating the street are among them. But an often-overlooked medium is direct mail marketing. Yes, that’s right, snail mail. And specifically, postcards. At first blush, it might seem crazy but let’s think it through.

We all have spam in our email boxes, and yes, there’s still junk mail in our letterboxes. But your mortgage marketing postcards still have a significantly better chance of being seen and held in hand with the message registering with its recipient than an electronic message will.

Online advertising is often gauged by the number of “impressions” an ad garners, so why not the same with mortgage marketing postcards? Especially when one could argue that something physical, received at one’s own home and held in hand is far better? A mortgage marketing postcard may even spend time sitting on a desk, or counter, or even stuck with a magnet on the refrigerator to be seen over and over again.

Direct mail is also just a bit of a novelty these days or, at the least, not as popular as online marketing. Still, everyone loves to get a letter or greeting card in the mail. And while a mortgage marketing postcard might not be considered as personal as that, you might be surprised at what can be done with custom printing, even down to single cards being personalized in photo-real fashion with your recipient’s name or address in word-art style typography.

It’s not to say that personalized mortgage marketing postcards are the be-all, end-all path to a healthy and sustainable mortgage business, yet it can be a solid part of a well-rounded approach. This is especially true if your postcard marketing is highly targeted vs. generic.

Rather than just sending out cards that recount all the services you offer, your mortgage marketing should be focused on what your clients need, exactly when they need it the most. Refinancing is one of the more obvious, but what about ARM resets, conforming loan limit increases enabling consolidation, dropping MI/PMI, annual reviews, etc.?

There’s a world of opportunities to trigger, and a well-timed mortgage marketing postcard can be a great way of making those extra deals happen.

If you want to know more about how easy it can be to incorporate custom mortgage marketing postcards into your mortgage origination strategy, take a look at Surefire Mortgage CRM. It’s easy to further build your business without a lot of effort. For starters, just request a demo. You’ll be a mortgage marketing automation pro in no time.

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