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7 Elements that All Mortgage Marketing Postcards Should Have

Jul 15, 2020

To some, mortgage marketing postcards and other forms of direct mail marketing is old hat, so why bother to even know what’s important? The fact is that many have stopped doing mortgage direct mail in favor of email and other digital efforts. After all, digital is perceived as far less costly and much more modern. But the reality today is that physical mailboxes are emptier than they’ve ever been. That’s all thanks to e-bills, e-cards, and e-greetings.

Well e-nough already. Especially recently, with so many of us working from home, the mailbox at the end of the drive may be the only time we see the great outdoors in a day. And again, in this new age, how often do you get to really reach out and touch someone the way a physical piece of old-fashioned mail can?

There’s always been a cost to delivering mail, today is no different. But what you really want to look at is the cost per lead or prospect, not the cost per card. This can compare very favorably to other forms of mortgage marketing materials and lead generation strategies. When you decide to give it a go, here are 7 elements that every card should include to be sure you’re maximizing the effectiveness.


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Some required features of Mortgage Marketing Postcards are obvious. Others not so to all:

  1. A correct recipient name and USPS verified address. No one likes a mistake in their mailbox, and you don’t want to waste money with a null address. It pays to use a vendor that takes the extra step of verifying addresses.

  2. A clear message, and of course, a call to action.

  3. Your individual contact info—not just phone, web address or email. Include all ways that your recipient may prefer to use.

  4. An attractive design. You don’t want to send a yellow pages ad. If you want to engage your potential prospects, you must grab their attention. At Top of Mind, we often design postcards with nothing but an interesting and quizzical image on the front. Unusual indeed but guess what, everyone that picks this up is compelled to turn it over. That equals a guaranteed impression for both you as the sender and your message.

  5. Your company information and branding. Unlike on mortgage marketing brochures, or mortgage marketing flyers, space is tight on postcards. Nonetheless, at a minimum, your company logo or other forms of branding should be included. The more visual, the more it stands out and is more memorable.

  6. Personalization. It’s not enough to send a generic postcard that was mail merged to a thousand people. You want it to be personal and your message needs to start with the recipient’s name. People need to feel like you’re speaking to them for the message to resonate. The more personal, the better. But don’t forget, there is a line here, and it is a postcard. Meaning, there’s no envelope, so don’t include any information that’s subject to privacy rules. There are some good stats in this Scotsman Guide article about the benefits of incorporating data-driven mortgage direct mail marketing.

  7. Impact. What does that mean? Not only should the message be personal, relative and resonate with the recipient, but it all needs to be memorable. The more of an impact you make, the better. For instance, how much can someone save? How quickly can the process be completed? How much happier might someone be with the results of your offer? Quantify, use a little drama, even be a little edgy if you think that’s what it will take. Either way, make the impression worthy and make it last.

At Top of Mind, our Surefire CRM users have most of the work done for them. We provide address validation, professional design, personalized printing, and messaging that comes from decades of experience cultivating and servicing mortgage clients. Our postcards even come with the option for co-branding with your favorite agents. Want to find out exactly how easy it can be, along with a host of other great ways to manage your business? Request a demo today.

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