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FEMBi Builds Better Relationships With Bilingual Borrowers Using Surefire CRM’s Spanish-Language Content

Mar 17, 2021

While FEMBi’s bilingual loan officers had an excellent track record of delivering personalized service to bilingual loan applicants, helping Spanish-speaking prospects find their way to FEMBi in the first place was a challenge. Moreover, FEMBi’s real estate agent partners were requesting co-branded Spanish-language content for consumer direct marketing.

In light of these challenges, FEMBI’s first priority was automating Spanish-language campaigns directed at prospective new customers. With Surefire, FEMBi can automatically deploy relevant campaigns in English and Spanish as soon as a contact is entered into their LOS.

Overcoming Pain Points in Mortgage Loan Officer Recruiting
Mar 02, 2023

Discover effective strategies to address common challenges faced by mortgage loan officer recruiters in this comprehensive guide. From identifying top talent to navigating the hiring process, learn how to overcome pain points and build a successful recruiting program for your organization.

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