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Email Marketing for Credit Unions

Email Marketing for Credit Unions: 3 Strategies for Delivering a World-Class Member Experience

Apr 28, 2021

Email marketing for credit unions offers mortgage loan originators an easy, automated channel to educate and build trust. Owned by the members they serve, credit unions take pride in offering lower fees, better rates and — perhaps above all else — white-glove member service.

Unfortunately, many credit unions find it more difficult to extend the same level of high-touch communication to their mortgage-seeking members that they deliver across other lines of business. That’s because mortgage lending is often siloed from other financial services due to its unique regulatory and process requirements.

Luckily, credit unions can execute enterprise-grade mortgage marketing campaigns without breaking the bank. With a CRM and mortgage marketing automation platform like Surefire, credit unions can use these three email marketing strategies to strengthen member relationships and deepen engagement through their mortgage lending arm.

Email Marketing for Credit Unions Deepens Member Engagement With Video Marketing


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Email marketing for credit unions that incorporates video improves engagement with educational outreach and business messages while strengthening brand affinity.

Educational videos are a powerful tool for establishing your institution as a trusted subject matter expert committed to ensuring members receive the best possible home financing outcome. First-time homebuyers find videos that coach them on building their credit score and the “dos and don’ts” of the loan process especially valuable. At the same time, experienced homebuyers appreciate a general refresher on what to expect during the loan process and what documents they should prepare.

Automated Email Marketing for Credit Unions Keeps Members Informed and Loans On Track

Automated email marketing for credit unions that notifies members of outstanding action items and keeps them up to speed on loan progress enables credit unions to increase loan volume while enhancing high-quality customer service. Email marketing automation can drastically curb abandoned loan applications by reminding members to complete missing fields or alerting loan originators to conduct personal follow-up.

In-process loan workflows alerting members when a document needs to be signed or submitted helps keep loans and closing timelines on track. And post-close workflows such as closing anniversary messages and birthday cards keep your credit union at the top of members’ minds for the next time they need financial services.

Salesforce for Credit Unions Integration

Salesforce for credit unions is a top-choice CRM for credit unions managing member records across multiple business channels. Even if you already have an enterprise CRM implemented across all lines of business, from banking to business loans, you’ll need marketing content and automated workflows that provide members with a memorable homebuying experience. To quickly and painlessly offer a personalized experience across all member services, look for a marketing content platform with ready-built connections or integrations.

With a powerful mortgage marketing platform like Surefire, credit unions can deliver a top-of-the-line experience for your members who are financing a home. 

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Rick Webster

Vice President, Client Strategy

A seasoned digital marketing executive and mortgage veteran, Rick has spent over 20 years leading successful teams and guiding hundreds of marketers at large global brands, mortgage companies, and advertising agencies. With a background in marketing automation and financial technology, Rick helps marketing teams drive results with the latest strategies.

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