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6 Ways Mortgage Marketing Automation Will Help Your Business

Jul 30, 2020

Today’s mortgage world is ever more complex. The time spent navigating the process, the guidelines and adhering to the regulatory standards is hard enough. On top of all that, we as loan officers can only survive if we’re simultaneously bringing in new business to keep our pipelines growing. Fortunately, we live in a digital age and even before COVID-19, we could prosper without ever leaving our desks. In that vein, the following are 6 ways Mortgage Marketing Automation can help you to expand, solidify and protect your mortgage banking or brokerage business without vacating your seat.


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1. We’ve all heard the definition of insanity. So, let’s not go there. Instead, let’s do things just once. The right mortgage marketing tools allow us to “set it and forget it.” Why repeat our actions and explanations? The means exist to simply choose—once and for all—what you want to do or say for every client, on every deal, forever after and to have it all occur automatically. Not taking advantage of the opportunity to automate the lending processes when it’s easy to do would be a real definition of insanity.

2. Never, ever, forget a client’s birthday or loan anniversary date.
It’s hard enough to remember all our loved ones’ birthdays and special occasions. Can you imagine how hard it would be to remember those dates for all your clients? With mortgage marketing automation, you don’t have to. Neither do you have to manually send emails, texts, or even an actual printed card. With the right system, it all happens automatically.

3. Always know when an opportunity exists.
Did you know that the top mortgage CRM can alert you to refinance opportunities for your entire database of clients? Rates move quickly, and we don’t have time to sift through hundreds or even thousands of past loans looking for those that can benefit. Set your alert margins once, and your mortgage CRM system will do the rest. Every deal means too much and is too valuable to miss because you didn’t have the time to look.

4. Assistants take vacations, are expensive, and sometimes call in sick. Mortgage software does not.
Never have your day disrupted again by an unexpected workload. Or worse, miss having important work done that would have led to more deals. Automated correspondence that fires 24/7/365 regardless of the weather, the flu, Uncle Joe’s 3rd wedding or a timeshare presentation in the Bahamas is the right recipe for long-term success.

5. Save time by automating the routine, so you can focus on moving loans to the closing table.
Repetition is our life. We solicit, qualify, sort, quote, rinse, and repeat. Why not leave the umpteenth status report that may rob you of precious time to automated, yet personalized messaging? Focus on what needs your professional guidance, not what doesn’t.

6. Control your day before it controls you.
We all know that regardless of well-intentioned planning, there’s a world of potential disruptions that can upset our day. Implementing the right mortgage software systems so you can help your clients move through the process without hitting the speed bumps of credit inquiries, ill-timed purchases, job or comp changes, etc., can prevent more problems than any one of us deserves. And it’s easy to start putting your automation in place today. All you must do is want to, and frankly, who doesn’t? Set up your Surefire demo today!

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