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Access the Power of Mortgage Marketing Automation With Your Favorite CRM

Jun 02, 2022

Breakups are hard.

Especially when you’re breaking up with your favorite tech product.

Many mortgage brokers, loan officers and mortgage marketing professionals have a tried-and-true CRM platform, like the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM® solution. They’ve been together for years, and this CRM has seen them through the highs and lows of business cycles. They know and love many of the platform’s capabilities and can navigate it nimbly to manage their customer database and stay in touch.



Give Surefire a Try!

The best way to find out what we offer is to try it out yourself. We’re confident that you’ll like what you see.

Then someone shows off a shiny new mortgage-specific CRM platform, such as Surefire by Black Knight. This one is loaded with industry-specific marketing messages, like single-property sites, mortgage flyers and helpful mortgage videos. Plus, by communicating with the lender’s LOS, this CRM provides on-time mortgage marketing automation. It’s enough to turn the heads of mortgage professionals, who know a tough mortgage market requires the best CRM.

Is it time to ditch your first love?

Not necessarily.

Strong CRM systems do not require an exclusive arrangement. A mortgage CRM like Surefire and an all-purpose CRM like the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM® solution can communicate. That means mortgage loan officers and brokers can keep the CRM they’re accustomed to using and still harness the power of mortgage marketing automation, including mortgage content.

Two ways to work together

Lenders are a creative group and may find many ways their CRM systems can work together. Here are two of them.

Automated Communication at Deal-Related Milestones

A mortgage CRM can communicate with a lender’s LOS. As the mortgage broker or loan officer goes about their regular work of tracking loan milestones within a loan origination system like Black Knight’s Empower, the information can be ported directly into the mortgage CRM. Using rules and workflows, the mortgage CRM can trigger in-process communication relevant to that milestone.

The mortgage CRM can then update the appropriate contact record in the general-purpose CRM. Without ever logging in to a separate platform, the mortgage loan officer can then track the messages that were delivered from their original platform, even seeing the exact communication.

The CRMs can also manage communication triggered as part of prospect and post-close workflows or as recurring deployments, such as birthday or holiday greetings.

General Content Sharing Whether done manually or through a content-centric system like Black Knight’s Surefire Creative, general content sharing is another way to leverage a mortgage CRM’s industry-specific messages with the tools in a CRM such as the Sales Cloud CRM® solution.

Tapping into the mortgage marketing content of an industry-specific CRM means loan officers can use their existing CRM to send relevant educational materials, ranging from mortgage flyers to interactive games to mortgage calculators, without having to take the time to source that content or to create it themselves.

Of course, they also can use non-mortgage marketing materials too, like holiday video greetings and birthday greetings. Because these are generated by the creative staff of a niche mortgage CRM, recipients are not likely to get duplicate messages from another sender, as they might with general greetings created for the mass audiences of larger CRM systems.

On top of it all, Black Knight’s Surefire CRM also gives lenders access to the industry’s most comprehensive content library. To discover the power of pairing Surefire’s mortgage-specific marketing automation with a general CRM – or to see the power of using Surefire on its own – schedule a demo today.


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Renita Davis
Renita Davis
Content Manager

As content manager at Top of Mind Networks, Renita develops award-winning marketing materials and strategies for mortgage companies. Throughout her career, Renita has managed public relations and produced both printed and online content for clients in the home building, affordable housing, real estate, mortgage lending, financial planning, and

environmental industries. As a ghostwriter, she has contributed to two books on social media marketing. Her work has also been published in numerous print and online trade publications for industries she supports.

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