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5 Marketing Automation Strategies to Help Wholesale Lenders Increase Awareness and Reach

Mar 12, 2021

To stay competitive, wholesale lenders and third-party originators (TPO) need to offer differentiation in the marketplace while maintaining solid communication with clients. It can be a balancing act, but a solid mortgage marketing strategy and the right CRM can help third-party originators stay ahead of the game.

With a powerful mortgage CRM like Surefire, wholesale lenders can use the following strategies to centralize marketing, streamline engagement with clients and increase overall reach to attract new business.

Create Automated Workflows


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Automating marketing tasks and communication can be a game-changer for wholesale lenders. From lead nurturing to in-process communications, automated workflows can free up time for loan officers without losing quality.

Lenders can also enable post-close workflows to capture retention business and set up a client for life program.

Preschedule Social Media Posts

Scheduling social posts assists wholesale account executives in producing and delivering content on relevant topics ahead of time. When done right, automating social media posts can free up time for lenders to work on nurturing relationships and closing more business.

Topics should position you as a thought leader in your space and encourage followers to engage with your posts. Social followers tend to engage the most when provided with useful, relevant, and uplifting information. The key is looking for opportunities to engage with followers and closely monitoring the analytics to see what topics are resonating with your audience.

Managing a social media calendar with topics assigned to certain days will help originators create an ongoing cadence, boost follower count growth, and free up more time to work on other tasks.

Build a Customizable Content Library for Wholesale Lending

Developing a content library inside your mortgage CRM will help you organize rate sheets, flyers, and all the necessary marketing materials needed to run your business.

With personalization in mind, you can easily send customized messages to your prospects and clients right from your content library. Additional items can include videos and postcards that can be customized, deployed, and tracked through one system—allowing lenders to automatically send collateral to several channels at the same time.

Savvy Wholesale Lenders Take the Omnichannel Marketing Approach

Omnichannel marketing is a multichannel sales approach that utilizes all channels to engage with prospects and clients. An omnichannel approach gives wholesale lenders the ability to launch messaging across several different channels. Utilizing channels like email, text, phone, print, and video unlocks broadcast messaging capabilities and helps wholesale lenders increase reach.

The key to omnichannel is personalization and consistency. Automating the approach ensures timely and relevant messaging while keeping your branding consistent across all available channels.

Embrace Contact Management

Having the right mortgage CRM will help wholesale lenders stay on top of client communication. A powerful CRM like Surefire can help lenders manage and assign new leads, track customer information, analyze marketing performance and keep originators compliant and productive.

To learn more about Surefire CRM and how we are helping wholesale mortgage companies drive performance, contact us today at to learn more.



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