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Benefits of Using CardTapp and Surefire Together

CardTapp’s digital assistant technology connects loan officers, referral partners and borrowers to simplify communications and deliver services just in time. Surefire’s new Power Calls feature improves the speed and ease with which loan officers reach out to borrowers, enabling them to convert more leads into loans.

Surefire’s modern tech stack enables a rich, bidirectional connection between the two applications, with fully automated delivery of a loan officer’s personal CardTapp app to potential borrowers as leads arrive in Surefire.

The integration also supports CardTapp’s simplified referral system. Referrals generated in CardTapp are automatically incorporated into Surefire, eliminating the time and potential for error associated with manual data entry.

Key Features

This connection automates lead entry to Surefire for all leads created through the CardTapp platform.

The connection can automatically or selectively deliver the CT mobile app download URL in a text message from SF using a combination of Custom Fields, Custom Rules and SF’s Webhook.

Once the initial text is sent and the contact downloads the LO’s CT app, CT will begin to track the number of shares which can become an actionable trigger.

CardTapp provides Loan Originators with a personal mobile app to share with leads/prospects and for the leads/prospects to share with their sphere of influence. This app serves as a digital business card. CT tracks the number of times the app is shared by each contact.


CardTapp’s mission is to empower individuals and businesses to build stronger personal connections and facilitate mutually beneficial business relationships. We work with sole proprietorships, small businesses, and sales professionals, as well as sales team managers, executives, and enterprises looking for ways to empower their businesses. Our technology provides business leaders with the ability to set themselves apart, close more business, and serve their customers better

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Founded in 2012
Located in Bellevue, WA


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